Gathering Places

Aboriginal Students' Centre (ASC)

The Aboriginal Student' Centre is dedicated to supporting Aboriginal student academic and personal success. Come to the ASC before and after classes to study, use a computer, connect with other students and to participate in our programs and services.

Gordon Oakes Redbear Student Centre

The Gordon Oakes Redbear Student Centre will be an inclusive gathering place where all people—Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal—will come together and learn from one another. Designed by well-known architect Douglas Cardinal, who is of Métis and Blackfoot heritage, the new centre will house both the Aboriginal Students’ Centre and the Indigenous Students’ Council, with additional space for learning and ceremonies. Construction began on National Aboriginal Day in the summer of 2013. The centre is expected to open in 2015.


Aboriginal Events Calendar


Graduation Powwow

For centuries, song and dance has been used to facilitate prayer and thanks giving within Aboriginal cultures—and so, we think a powwow is the perfect setting to celebrate our graduates.

The Graduation Powwow celebrates graduating Aboriginal students from high schools across Saskatchewan as well as our U of S graduates.

Aboriginal Achievement Week

Each year the University of Saskatchewan hosts Aboriginal Achievement Week (AAW) to celebrate Aboriginal achievement, reflect on traditions and ceremonies, and connect with the community.

Social and Cultural Programming

For more information for any of the events below, contact the Aboriginal Students' Centre directly or check us out on Twitter or Facebook.

Creative Native Hour

Join us for Creative Native where you can learn how to make a variety of traditional crafts or hone your current skills. Workshops include beading, drum making, and basketry.

 This session most Fridays at 1:00-2:00 pm
 Aboriginal Students' Centre

Soup and Bannock

Generosity and sharing meals is an important part of Aboriginal peoples’ cultures. To honor these traditions, the ASC co-hosts Soup and Bannock with another university programs or student service every Wednesday.

 This session every Wednesday at 12:00-1:30 pm
 Aboriginal Students’ Centre

Elders Service

Elders will be available for cultural teachings during each Soup and Bannock. The ASC recognizes the uniqueness of different Aboriginal peoples, and makes a conscious effort to bring in Elders from different communities across Saskatchewan.

 This session every Wednesday at 11:30-1:30 pm
 Aboriginal Students' Centre

Pipe Ceremonies

The ASC hosts pipe ceremonies for each of the four seasons of the year and during special events. Pipe ceremonies are conducted by the university’s Cultural Coordinator.  Please contact Bob Badger for more information.

 Palliser Gardens

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Sweat lodge ceremonies are held for each of the four seasons of the year and during special events.  Sweats are a traditional purification ceremonies and are conducted by the university’s Cultural Coordinator.  Please contact Bob Badger for more information.

 Aboriginal Students' Centre


Aboriginal Funding

First Nations students who are eligible for the Post-Secondary Student Support Program, commonly referred to as band funding, should contact the band or designated organization for more information.

Inuit students, please contact your designated organization or Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) regarding applying for support. General information on the program and contact information for bands, designated organizations, and regional AANDC offices can be found on the AANDC website within the education section.

Métis students may be eligible for financial support through Employment and Social Development Canada’s Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy. Check with your local or provincial Métis organization to see if they are an agreement holder and to learn more about the program’s eligibility requirements and the support offered. In Saskatchewan, Métis students can contact Gabriel Dumont Institute for more information.

Students are encouraged to ensure that their sponsors fill out the Sponsorship Agency Form as early as possible. View information for Sponsored Students including obligations, procedures and due dates.

First Nations Funding contact information for Saskatchewan Band post secondary coordinators.



We have Aboriginal faculty across our campus and colleges.

Community Organizations