Declare your Aboriginal ancestry


Go to PAWS to declare!

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If you are an Aboriginal student, we encourage you to self declare your ancestry in PAWS. About 2,000 students have self declared, but that represents only a portion of Aboriginal students. If you think you have already self declared, please check in PAWS to make sure.

Students who self declare their Aboriginal ancestry in PAWS will:

  • Be invited to events and activities specifically for Aboriginal students (for example: Graduation Powwow and Aboriginal Achievement Week)
  • Be notified of mentorship, volunteer, job and scholarship / award opportunities

Knowing how many Aboriginal students attend the U of S:

  • Helps us proudly say we have one of the highest populations of Aboriginal students among Canadian post-secondary institutions and that our diversity gives us strength
  • Helps the USSU determine the appropriate number of Aboriginal students who sit on the USSU University Students’ Council


Aboriginal Ancestry: It is determined by reference to the Canadian Constitution Act of 1982 and includes Indian (non-status / status), Métis and Inuit persons of Canada as well as persons who are accepted by one of the Aboriginal peoples of Saskatchewan as a member of their community.

For more information

If you have questions about how self declaring will benefit you, please talk to a staff member at the Aboriginal Students’ Centre or contact the U of S Registrar at

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