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Grades and Transcripts

View your grades

  1. Log into PAWS
  2. Select the Academics Menu
  3. Select a term in the My Final Grades channel

Only instructors of 100-level, six-credit unit classes are obligated to report midterm grades through PAWS; for all other instructors reporting midterm grades through PAWS is optional.

Ordering transcripts

Confirming your transcript order:

  1. Log into PAWS
  2. Select the Academics Menu
  3. Select Order status in the Transcripts and Degree Confirmation channel.

Transcripts are mailed or couriered within one business day of the date produced. If your transcript order does not yet have a "Date Produced," it is still pending.

Effective March 1, 2014, the University of Saskatchewan will no longer include SIAST and FNUC transcripts for the Nursing Education program of Saskatchewan (NEPS) students.  If you were part of the NEPS program and you require transcripts, you will need to order transcripts separately from both the U of S and SIAST or FNUC.

Attention Graduating Students:  If you would like your degree to appear on your transcript, please check the “Do not produce my transcript until after my degree, diploma, or certificate is awarded at Convocation” box on your transcript request form.

  • Transcripts are $10 per copy, special delivery charges are extra, and both are non-refundable
  • Allow three working days for transcript production 
  • Transcripts cannot be ordered over the phone, by e-mail, or by fax.
  • The University of Saskatchewan will not be held responsible for meeting deadlines or ensuring delivery by third parties
  • You cannot place a transcript order if you have an outstanding account with the University
  • Universities and organizations normally require that transcripts be forwarded directly to them from the University of Saskatchewan
  • The University does not fax or e-mail transcripts
  • Transcripts will not be released to a third party without authorization by the student (see below)

Don't know your NSID?

If you are a current student or a former student who has not completed a degree and you do not know your NSID/password, contact the ITS Help Desk, (306) 966-4817 or 1-800-966-4817 (toll free in Canada), or contact Student Central at (306) 966-1212 or 1-877-650-1212 (toll free in Canada).

If you are an alumni and you do not know your NSID and/or password, contact University Advancement at (306) 966-5186 or 1-800-699-1907. (Alumni are also asked to provide their year of graduation, their degree, and an updated address).

Alumni who took classes prior to September 1986 may have a hold applied to their account which prevents viewing of the Unofficial Transcript or online ordering of Official Transcripts. The hold has been applied because academic records exist outside of the University's electronic records system. If you have such a hold and wish to access your transcripts online, please contact Transcripts.

Signed and Sealed

You can request your transcripts to be Signed and Sealed if they are being picked up by or delivered to you.  The envelope containing the transcript is then affixed with a seal across the flap containing the Registrar’s signature as proof that the transcript has not been accessed by you. 

Do not choose Signed and Sealed if your transcripts are being delivered directly to a third party as all transcripts sent to persons or organizations other than the student are deemed to be Signed and Sealed.

Pickup and Release to Third Parties

You can indicate if you wish to pick up your transcripts when you place your order. Transcripts can be picked up at Student Central

If you are ordering online and wish another person to pick up your transcripts, you must provide that person with a completed Release of Information Authorization form or a letter under your signature authorizing release of the transcript to them. If you are ordering using the paper form you can indicate who will be picking up the transcript on the form.

Photo identification is required to pickup transcripts.

Courier Rates

Courier delivery requires a street address and a contact telephone number for the recipient person or organization.  Transcripts cannot be delivered to a box number.

Within Canada $17.00
Within United States $30.00
International $45.00
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