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Confirmation of Degree, Diploma, or Certificate

There are a number of ways, listed below, to verify a University of Saskatchewan degree, diploma or certificate.  If you have questions about the different ways to verify a degree, please contact Student Central.

If you graduated prior to 1967, some of these options may not be available to you. Please contact Registrarial Services at for more information.

In-person or over-the-phone confirmation

Anyone who is interested can receive a verbal-only verification that an individual was awarded a degree, diploma, or certificate (including the year it was awarded in).

Please contact Student Central or Alumni Relations for a verbal-only verification.  

Automated confirmation letter (no charge)

An official confirmation of degree, diploma, or certificate letter from the University of Saskatchewan attests to the awarding of a degree, diploma, or certificate.

Alumni can request through PAWS

  • If you don’t already have one, request a NSID and password from Alumni Relations 
  • Log into PAWS (requires NSID and password)
  • Click on the Academics tab
  • In the Transcripts and Degree Confirmation channel click on “Degree Confirmation Letter”
  • You may print the letter or enter an email address for the confirmation letter to be sent to.

Transcripts ($10 per copy)

Official transcripts show an academic record of courses taken, grades for each course and degrees/diplomas/certificates received (including the year they were awarded).

Students or alumni can order through PAWS

  • If you have forgotten your NSID or password, please contact Student Central or if you don’t already have one, request an NSID and password from Alumni Relations 
  • Log into PAWS (requires NSID and password)
  • Click on the Academics tab
  • In the My Grades & Transcripts channel click on “Request an Official Transcript”

Learn more about ordering a transcript 

Third party direct verification

Employers or academic institutions that require the university to verify academic credentials directly are asked to subscribe to AuraData, a Canadian company specializing in secure online education verification.  This partnership streamlines the process companies or academic institutions use to verify academic credentials.

Confidentiality is a primary concern to us and AuraData.  A signed authorization from the graduate is required by AuraData before any information is released.  The company also conforms to all federal and provincial privacy laws.

Verify through AuraData

  • Subscribe to AuraData
  • Read and then electronically sign the Subscriber Agreement
  • Follow the user-friendly instructions
  • Upload, email or fax the alum-signed authorization form
  • Pay with a valid credit card

For more information about AuraData (including price and timeframe information), visit the AuraData website.

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