U of S College RTD Students

Effective May 16, 2013 students who receive a Required to Discontinue (RTD) faculty action from a U of S undergraduate college no longer have the option of entering Open Studies.

If you have received an RTD order, however, you do have other options.

RTD decisions are made solely on the basis of grades.  We understand, however, that life happens.

  • If you have medical or other extenuating circumstances that impacted your academic performance, you can and should appeal your RTD status.
  • A successful appeal would likely result in your being allowed to continue your studies under circumstances specified by your college.

Appeals should be made to the college that issued the RTD ruling.

  • All U of S colleges have simple appeals processes for RTD students.
  • All U of S colleges have pledged to welcome appeals from RTD students.

Whether you are considering an appeal or not, you are strongly recommended to meet with a college advisor. (RTD appeals are handled by colleges, not departments.)  A college advisor will review your case, hear your story, and recommend a plan for you. Click here to connect with a college advisor in your college.

College advisors can help you to:

  • Pursue any medical or other retroactive withdrawals that may be warranted.
  • Help you plan an appeal of your RTD status.
  • Help you to develop an academic plan for returning to the university ready to succeed.

We have statistics to prove that the reforms we are making to Open Studies will be in the best interests of students generally.  We also know, however, that every student is different and that circumstances vary enormously from student to student.  Please talk to a college advisor about what the best options are for you.

Best wishes,

Gordon DesBrisay, Ph.D.
Designated Dean of Open Studies

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