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Disability Services for Students (DSS)

Disability Services for Students

  • dss@usask.ca
  • dssnotetaking@usask.ca
  • dssexams@usask.ca
  • 306-966-7273 (general enquiries)
  • 306-966-7276 (for hard of hearing)
  • 306-966-1856 (Exam Program)
  • 306-966-1170

Disability Services for Students (DSS) assists students by offering programs and advocacy services - fostering an accessible and welcoming campus. We are guided by the University of Saskatchewan's Academic Accommodation and Access for Students with Disabilities policy. This policy is based on Saskatchewan's Human Rights legislation and the duty to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Whatever your role, whether you are faculty or a student or everyone between, this newly revised policy will answer your questions on DSS procedures.

All students with disabilities are encouraged to register with DSS. Access to most services and programs provided by DSS is restricted to students who have registered with the office.

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