Making friends

ISSAC Volunteers

Making new friends is an important part of adjusting to life on campus and in Saskatoon.  A great way to do this is to join an ISSAC event or activitiy or connect with an ISSAC volunteer.

ISSAC volunteers help organize social and cultural events on and off campus where students can meet and spend time together. They give new international students help by answering your questions about settling in Saskatoon, how to get help on campus and where and what to do to enjoy student life at the University of Saskatchewan. During the term, they keep in contact with you and join you at activities and events on and off-campus. This is  a great way to form a new community!

To find out what's going on, to get support, and to get connected to an ISSAC volunteer, email

To find out about becoming an ISSAC volunteer click here.

International Graduate Student Program

The International Graduate Student Program is a peer-led support program for international graduate students and their families. This service will enable international graduate students to receive information and support from fellow graduate students and is aimed at aiding and enhancing your experience as students at the University. If you want more information on this program, please contact ISSAC.

Cross Cultural Events

During the year, the International Student and Study Abroad Centre hosts many events in collaboration with other student associations and university groups on campus. These events include International Week, International Education Week and other cross-cultural celebrations. Keep up-to-date on these events by visiting our website, following us on facebook or reading the ISSAC blog.

If you want more information, or if you want to get involved, please contact ISSAC. Your involvement is always welcome!

Student Associations and Clubs

There are many ways to connect with students from all around the globe. The U of S has over 1300 international students from more than 82 countries! Meet some of them by joining a student group or an association.

AssociationContact E-mail
AIESEC Saskatoon
African Students Association (ASA)
Association of Nigerians, Saskatoon (ANS) 
Brazillian Students Association
Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA)
Ghanaian Canadian Association  of Saskatoon
India Students Association (ISA)
Indonesian Students Association (PAMINDA)
Korean Students Association (KSA)
Malaysian Students Association (MASA)
Napalese Students Assocation (NSA)

Persian Students Association (PSA)
Taiwanese Students Association (TSA)
Thai Students Association in Saskatoon (TSASK)
Saudi Students Association!/SaskatoonSaudiAssociation

Other clubs and associations

There are also many other clubs and associations on campus that you can join, learn new things and make new friends. Here are a couple of good places to start:

  1. USSU campus clubs and associations
  2. St. Thomas More College student associations
  3. Edwards School of Business Student Clubs and Associations
  4. Arts & Science Student Clubs and Associations
  5. Education Students’ Society
  6. College of Engineering Clubs and Associations
  7. College of Law Student Clubs and Associations
  8. Nursing Student Society
  9. Western College of Veterinary Medicine Student Associations
  10. Multifaith Chaplains Association
    The Multi-faith Chaplains Association can be your first point of contact for connecting with peers in your faith community or speaking to someone from your faith community in times of difficulty.
  11. Arts & Recreation
    Campus life has much to offer you in terms of sports and recreation and even a campus choir! To stay fit, get involved in recreational or try out for a team, visit Campus Recreation. If you like to sing and want to meet other students and community members in a creative way, why not join the University chorus?
  12. Keep up-to-date with what is happening! There are many events and activities happening on campus and in Saskatoon. Here are some ways to keep yourself up-to-date:

Community and Family Resources

There are also many different community programs that you, your spouse and your family can get involved in.  For more information on this, please look at the Community and Family Resources section.

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