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Plan My Career

Plan My Career is an interactive resource to help you find focus and direction within your career, and give you the tools you need to achieve your career goals.To begin, simply click on any of the puzzle pieces. If you are not quite ready to jump in, check out Where to begin.

And's great to have all this information at your finger tips but if you get stuck you can always contact your Student Employment & Career Centre (SECC) to ask a question, complete a Career Assessment, attend a ResumeTalk, or book a Career Coaching consultation.

Where to begin

Discover who I am

Feeling lost? Confused? Lacking direction? Discover who I am is great starting point. This section is packed full of career assessments to help you figure out where you want to go!

Explore  my optionsMaybe you have already figured out the type of career you are looking for but just need more information about your options. In Explore my options you can explore programs, occupations, industries, and entrepreneurship.

Choose a  DirectionIf you have researched your options and are ready to make a decision, Choose my direction can help you more clearly define your career needs, narrow your focus, evaluate your options, and choose a clear direction.

Achieve My GoalsPerhaps you are unsure of how to accomplish your goals.  Achieve my goals will guide you to academic advising, scholarships, exchanges, internships, volunteering, and how to build your employability skills.

Join the WorkforceReady for a job? Whether part-time, summer or permanent employment Join the workforce will walk you through how to prepare your resume, craft your cover letter, search for opportunities, secure the job, and succeed in the workplace.

Continue To developPerhaps you are working but have been thinking about change or want to learn how to maintain your career’s momentum. Continue to develop looks at re-careering, professional development, personal growth, and dealing with the dynamics of career change.

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