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How to pay

View your account summary in the Tuition and Fees channel in PAWS.

A statement of tuition and student fees will be sent to students on a regular basis, however, payment is due regardless of whether or not a statement is received. In fact, depending on when students register and/or add classes, they may not receive a statement. 

It is important to check your account balance in PAWS if you have made any class changes.

Payment Due Dates

Fall & Winter Terms
Term Due Date
Term 1 September 30, 2013
Term 2 January 31, 2014
Spring & Summer Terms
Term Due Date
Term 1 May 9, 2014
Term 2 June 30, 2014

Suspension of Service Dates

Suspension of service means students will not receive grades through PAWS, official transcripts, or their parchments upon graduation, and they are not eligible for re-registration until all overdue accounts have been cleared with the University. Nonpayment of tuition and fees does not constitute an official withdrawal from the university - students must withdraw from classes through the Registration channel in PAWS. 

University services may also be suspended for overdue amounts owing to other university departments or affiliated units.

If payment is not received on or before the payment due date, student services will be suspended one working day after the payment deadlines (listed above).

In order to avoid late payment fees, tuition and fees for classes in the above terms are due on the specified dates regardless of what day a specific class starts. Tuition and fees for classes spanning both terms will be split between the terms: half will be due on the Term 1 due date and half will be due on the Term 2 due date. The exception is health and dental fees, which, if assessed, are all owing in Term 1.

If payment is not received on or before the payment due date, a Late Payment Fee equal to 1.5% will be charged monthly on any past due balance. Amounts that remain past due will be charged the Late Payment Fee on a monthly basis (19.6% annual) until the balance is paid in full. Students who add a class after a payment deadline must pay their fees immediately for that class to avoid incurring a Late-Payment Fee.

Failure to make payment by the stated deadline will result in the withholding of future services by the University and in some cases can result in the termination of student status.

In addition, accounts that remain past due will be sent to a collection agency.

Payment Methods

Online Banking or Telephone Banking

To pay your tuition using online banking or telephone banking, simply add the University of Saskatchewan as a payee at any of the banks listed below. You will be asked for an account number for the University of Saskatchewan; use your eight-digit student number.

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Scotia Bank
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Toronto Dominion Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • Credit Unions (check on your credit union online banking site for University of Saskatchewan under payees)

Payments are considered received by the university on the day they are processed by the bank.

Online Credit Card

You can pay your account balance online with a MasterCard credit card by choosing Pay Tuition and Fees Online in the Tuition & Fees channel in PAWS.

Please note: credit card payments can only be made online (credit cards cannot be used for in-person payment); MasterCard is the only accepted credit card; a 1% administration fee is charged for online credit card payments.

The University of Saskatchewan is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality and security of your personal and credit card information. For further details, please visit our Privacy and Security Information page.

At Financial Institutions or Automated Banking Machine (ABM)

If you have received a statement in the mail, it can be paid at any financial institution or ABM in Canada. The detachable payment stub on the statement has micro-encoding for processing by the financial institution.

  • At a financial institution: take the original statement along with a method of payment (cash, cheque, bank draft, money order) to the financial institution. Please note that financial institutions cannot accept payment by credit card without taking a cash advance which will result in interest charges on your credit card account. Payments are considered received by the university on the day that payment is made at the financial institution.
  • At an ABM: include the stub portion along with the payment in the envelope provided at the ABM and follow the on-screen prompts. Payments are considered received by the university on the date of the bank stamp on the back of the payment stub.

Payments processed by the financial institution on the payment due date will be treated as paid on time.


Payments can be made in-person at Student Accounts and Treasury on the main floor of the Administration Building on campus. The regular hours of business for Student Accounts are 08:30 to 16:30, Monday through Friday, except for holidays. Students can pay in-person using cash, cheque or debit card. Credit cards cannot be used for in-person payment.

In order to avoid line-ups, students are strongly encouraged to make payment by online banking or telephone banking, at a financial institution or through PAWS using MasterCard.


Mail your payment using a cheque or money order. Do not send cash in the mail. Payments sent through the mail must be received by the payment due date to avoid late payment charges.

  • Write your eight-digit student number on the cheque
  • Make cheque or money order payable to: University of Saskatchewan
  • Mail to: University of Saskatchewan, Student Accounts, Room E40, 105 Administration Place, Saskatoon, SK., S7N 5A2

Paying with Canada Student Loans

It is university policy that total assessed tuition and fees, for the loan period, be deducted from your student loan if available. This amount includes both the Federal Loan amount and the Grant amount. It is your responsibility to check your account balance in PAWS to ensure that there is no outstanding balance.

For Saskatchewan students, tuition and fees will be paid up to the amount of the student loan for the period of study you applied for. For out-of-province students, tuition and fees for Term 1 will be paid with your first disbursement and Term 2 will be paid with your second disbursement. After your student loan disbursements have been applied, please check your account balance in PAWS to ensure there is no outstanding balance.

For more student loan information, please visit:

Paying with Scholarships

All scholarships administered through Student Accounts are first applied to total assessed tuition and student fees for the terms in which the student is registered. If the applied scholarship results in a credit balance on the student's account, a refund will be issued. Students should allow 2-4 weeks from the payment deadline or the date the scholarship was applied for the credit balance to be processed.

Scholarships may be taxable, as provided for in Section 56(1)(x) of the Income Tax Act. Consult Canada Revenue Agency Student Information for further details.


Student Accounts and Treasury
E40-105 Administration Place
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon SK  S7N 5A2

Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday

Tel: 306-966-4595


Tax Slips

The university issues tax slips for tuition, transit fees, scholarships and other employment income as required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Tax slips are available in late February for the preceding tax year. Some tax receipts are available online. To access your tax receipts, please choose Get Your Tax Receipts in the Tuition & Fees channel in PAWS.

More Information - Frequently Asked Questions

Canada Revenue Agency

International Student Deposits

Student Visa
To obtain a student visa to enroll in Canadian universities, Citizenship and Immigration Canada expects students to have sufficient funds, arranged in advance, to cover tuition and living expenses for the first year of study. The financial support requirement is normally the cost of tuition for the first year ($6,000 - $10,000) plus living expenses (approximately $10,000) for a total of $16,000 to $20,000 Canadian dollars.

Students needing to deposit money with the University of Saskatchewan to meet this requirement must follow the procedures outlined in the International Student Deposit Guideline.

This procedure is available only to students requiring a deposit for immigration purposes.

For additional information on student study permit requirements visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site.

Complete and submit the Information Form for International Student Deposits to the Student Accounts office by fax (306-966-8306), or email (

Sponsored Students

Sponsored Students (Third-Party Billing) Procedure

The university will issue an invoice on behalf of a student who is sponsored by an outside organization such as Workers Compensation or a First Nations Band as a service to students and sponsoring agencies.  To be eligible for third-party billing, sponsoring agencies must review the following information and submit a sponsorship form prior to the start of each year. If there are any changes to the sponsor information, authorized coverage or addition of new sponsored students during the year for future terms, a new form must be submitted prior to the start of the term. Changes for the current term will not be accepted after the start of the term.

Acceptance of third-party billing is at the discretion of the University of Saskatchewan.

Sponsorship Form

The completed sponsorship form authorizes the University of Saskatchewan to invoice the agency for tuition and related fees for the students listed in the request.

Sponsorship Agency Form (Microsoft Excel document)

Sponsoring agencies must send the completed form to:

University of Saskatchewan
Student Accounts, Financial Services Division
E40 - 105 Administration Place
Saskatoon, SK., S7N 5A2

The University of Saskatchewan considers the submission of the sponsorship form to be a binding commitment for the sponsorship of the student.

Sponsorship Deadlines

 Fall Term
(Sep - Dec)
Winter Term
(Jan - Apr)
Spring Term
(May - Jun)
Summer Term
(Jul - Aug)
Sponsorship Agreement Submitted September 1 January 1 May 1 July 1
Invoice issued October 1 February 1 May 30 July 15
Late Payment Fees and Services Withdrawn November 1 March 1 June 30 August 15

If a sponsorship form is not received by the start of the term, the student is responsible for:

  • paying their outstanding account with the university by the payment deadline
  • receiving reimbursement from the sponsor
  • any late payment penalties assessed

Obligations and Procedures

Third-Party Sponsors

  1. The sponsoring agency must complete the University of Saskatchewan sponsorship form.
  2. Sponsors are assigned a client id number which should be included on all payments and correspondence.
  3. Payments must be made within 30 days of billing. If payment is not received, late payment penalties equal to 1.5% per month will be added to the next month’s billing.
  4. If payment is not received within 60 days of billing, a hold will be placed on the sponsored student’s account that prevents further registration and grades or transcript release.
  5. If payment is not received within 90 days of billing, sponsorships for future terms will not be accepted until the account is paid in full and the contract may be cancelled at the university’s discretion.
  6. If course adjustments result in a sponsor having overpaid their account, then the sponsor may request a refund.
  7. Any restrictions or contingencies on the authorization are not allowed. For example, if the sponsor requires grades, transcripts or notification of class withdrawals before paying, the university will not authorize the third-party billing. In such cases the student is responsible for paying their fees and should request reimbursement from the sponsoring agency.


  1. Students must not delay payment of fees in anticipation of third-party sponsorships. Any late payment fees which accrue prior to the authorization of a contract will not be cancelled. While sponsors do not typically cover late payment penalties, if they are a result of the sponsor sending in a late application, the sponsor may agree to pay the charges.
  2. Students will still receive a bill if there are charges not covered by the sponsor. These remaining charges (for example, health and dental fees) must be paid by the student and are subject to late payment penalties of 1.5% per month.
  3. If a student has prepaid their account and the sponsor payment results in a credit balance, then the student may request a refund from the Student Accounts Office. Amounts prepaid by credit card will be refunded back to the credit card used.
  4. The student is responsible for providing additional information such as grades or transcripts to the sponsor if the sponsor requires the information.

Installment Plan

Graduate students can request to pay their tuition fees by monthly installment.

Installment payments are deducted from their bank account and credited directly to their student account on a monthly basis. Graduate students may authorize bank account deductions through the Student Accounts Office (Room E 40, Admin).

Installment Procedure

  • Register for your classes online and check to make sure all of your tuition and fees are assessed. Contact the College of Graduate Studies for assessment questions.
  • Go to: Student Accounts Office, Room E40, Main Floor Administration Building.
  • Complete and authorize a Pre-Authorized Debit Form (obtain from Student Accounts Office).
  • Attach a void cheque.
  • To avoid a late payment penalty the Pre-Authorized Debit form must be authorized and received by the Student Accounts Office prior to the fee payment deadline date for the given session.
  • A $40.00 installment fee must be paid in advance.
  • Installment privileges are denied if fees are outstanding from a previous term.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to determine if any money is owed from previous terms by checking on PAWS.
  • If an installment payment is returned to the University due to insufficient funds, the Installment Plan will be cancelled and the student will be subject to Late Payment Fees equal to 1.5% of the outstanding balance and any other University penalties that may apply.
  • If any changes are made to your account, please notify Student Accounts Office in writing at to change your Pre-Authorized Debit amount 10 business days prior to the date when your next pre-authorized debit is scheduled to come out.
  • Fees are divided evenly by the number of months as follows:
    • FALL & WINTER TERMS October to March (6 months)
    • FALL TERM only, October to December (3 months)
    • WINTER TERM only, January to March (3 months)
    • SPRING & SUMMER TERMS May to July (3 months)

If the student ceases to be an employee, the unpaid balance on their account becomes subject to late payment penalties of 1.5% per month.

Payment Deadlines

Tuition is assessed when you register for classes and is owed upon assessment.

The last day to pay before late payment penalties can be found under Payment Due Dates.

Late Payment Penalties: A late payment penalty equal to 1.5% per month (19.6%/year) of the outstanding amount is charged on the due date. After the due date, unpaid past due amounts are charged a 1.5% late payment penalty at the end of each month until paid in full.

Withdrawal of Service: Students are subject to a withdrawal of some University services, including the ability to register in additional classes, access grades or obtain transcripts/certificates if the amount owing is not paid in full by the dates indicated.

Account Information

A statement of amounts owing will be mailed to all students with outstanding accounts on a regular basis (usually the middle of each month).

BUT don't wait for a statement - you can check your balance owing anytime in the Tuition and Fees channel in PAWS.

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