Letters to prove your registration

Use a Confirmation of Enrolment letter for:Do not use a Confirmation of Enrolment letter for:
  • non-government student loan providers
  • non-U of S institutions offering financial support
  • financial institutions
  • provincial and other health care providers
  • employers
  •  Explore program

To request a Confirmation of Enrolment letter:

  • Log into PAWS
  • Click on Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Select the terms that you need confirmation for

To print the letter yourself, press Submit at the bottom of the request form. Enter an email address to have the letter emailed to someone else (you will be emailed a copy of the letter). The Confirmation of Enrolment will contain a validation code that can be entered online to verify the authenticity of the document.

Option to include your year in program

Some agencies, such as scholarship plan companies, may require you to include your current academic year in program.  Your academic year in program is based on the credit units successfully completed towards your program as determined by your College.  This year in program is in general updated towards the end of September each year. If you think that the year in program displayed on your Confirmation of Enrolment is incorrect, please contact an Academic Advisor in your College.

The following scholarship plan companies will accept your Confirmation of Enrolment if your current year in program is accurate:

  • CST (Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan)
  • Heritage Education Funds Inc.

  Students on a Reduced Course Load (RCL)

Students registered with Disability Services for Students who are on Reduced Course Load (RCL) are entitled to a full-time Confirmation of Enrolment letter. RCL students requiring a Confirmation of Enrolment letter should contact DSS.

Confirmation of Enrolment prior to Summer 2005

Confirmations of Enrolment letters are not available for terms prior to Summer 2005. If you would like a letter for terms prior to Summer 2005, please contact Student Central.

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