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Get permission for a class

Class Overrides

Complete the Class Override and/or Late Enrolment in a Class (PDF) form if you need to:

Go directly to your College (you do not need the Class Override and/or Late Enrolment in a Class form ) if you need to  :

  • Exceed your maximum credit unit limit
  • Repeat a class for which you already have credit

Prerequisite and/or Corequisite Waiver

Do not pursue a prerequisite and/or corequisite waiver if you do not have prior education that would warrant such an approval. Prerequisite and corequisite waivers are granted in rare instances and are only waived if an equivalent alternative learning experience can be identified.

If you feel you qualify for a prerequisite and/or corequisite waiver, locate the college that the class belongs to below and follow the process stated. (e.g.) If you are a not an Arts & Science student but wish to receive a prerequisite waiver for an Arts & Science class, follow the process for the College of Arts & Science.

Agriculture & Bioresources

Arts & Science



Edwards School of Business


Graduate Studies & Research





Open Studies

Pharmacy & Nutrition

Veterinary Medicine

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