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Student Exchange Program Opportunities  

Recently we have updated our website with new universities participating in the program. Check countries you are interested in for more information. International experience can enhance your career prospects and benefit you for years to come. The exchange program is a great way for U of S students to study their degree program at another university for 1 or 2 terms. By participating in one of the two exchange programs, you can expand your academic knowledge within your field and broaden your way of thinking about the world. Students may obtain advance approval to have the credit gained at another institution transferred toward their major, minor or electives.

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Standard Exchange

In the Standard Exchange program, students select an institution the U of S has an exchange agreement with and during their exchange will pay tuition (15 credit units per term) only to the U of S.


The North2North program provides opportunities for students to experience the northern hemisphere firshand. North2North participants get a chance to do their exchange in another northern country and learn about opportunities and challenges unique to northern regions. Students participating in this program will pay tuition (15 credit units per term) only to the U of S.

Where can I go? 

Australia Austria Belgium China Czech Republic
Denmark Finland France Germany Guatemala
Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Mexico
Netherlands New Zealand Norway Russia Scotland
Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand
United Kingdom United States


You can take a variety of classes abroad to fulfill your own unique degree requirements. You are eligible to apply if you:

  • have completed or are in the process of completing 60 credit units at the time of application.

  • have a 70% average or higher.

  • are registered as a full-time student prior to and throughout the duration of your exchange program.

  • have personal aptitude.

  • have available finances.

Arts and Science students who have completed 30 credit units with a minimum of 65% average may be eligible to apply to certain exchange institutions. Contact ISSAC for an appointment to learn more.

If you go on exchange, you will be assessed full U of S tuition. Regardless of how many courses or credits you plan to transfer back to the U of S, you will be charged the equivalent of 15 credit units of instruction for each semester that you participate in the exchange based on your college tuition category. You are expected to transfer back to the U of S a minimum of nine credit units per semester of exchange.

For more information about transfer credit, click here. Please note that the list provided is not exhaustive. You may be able to take courses not included in the list and transfer them back to your U of S degree.

You will not be assessed U of S student fees while on exchange. However, you are required to pay students fees at the host institution in your destination country.

Helpful hints before you apply

  1. Research your options above and apply for your top three choices to increase your chance of being selected.

  2. Fill out a Self Assessment.

  3. Complete a Considering your Options Checklist.

  4. Complete a Budget Framework.

  5. Attend our peer-led U of S Exchange workshops to learn more about your options, budgeting and the application process.

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