Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Science offers a number of programs open to all U of S students. No matter your area of study, whether you want to be away for two weeks or an entire year, or if you want to travel alone or in a group there are many options to choose from.

  • Taught Abroad: individual classes taught by a U of S professor in another country
  • Term Abroad: take senior Spanish (in Guadalajara, Mexico) or German (in Marburg, Germany) courses during the winter term
  • Washington Center: intern in Washington D.C. for a term, combining work experience, leadership programs, and academics

Edwards School of Business

Edwards School of Business provides study abroad funding for outbound students and hosts international activities through the Hanlon Centre for International Business Studies.


Making the Links - Certificate in Global Health is a comprehensive, accredited program that prepares students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them work competently with marginalized under-served communities locally and globally. Rich in interactive, experiential, and didactic learning opportunities, this is currently the only undergraduate certificate in Global Health in Canada.


The College of Nursing offers industry-leading international clinical placements. Options at this time include Tanzania, the Philippines, Finland and Australia. International clinical placements are challenging and innovative learning experiences. Nursing students will strengthen their skills and gain a broader understanding of health care.

St. Thomas More College

Spring Session in Ukraine

The Spring Session in Ukraine in conceived as an intensive language program coordinated jointly by St. Thomas More College (STM) and the U of S. The program is offered overseas in Ternopil, Ukraine in cooperation with a partner institution, Ternopil National Pedagogical University.

Language instruction will be offered at all three levels: Elementary (UKR 114.3 and 117.3), Intermediate (UKR 214.3 and 217.3), and Advanced (UKR 314.3 and 317.3). The courses offered are U of S credit courses. All courses are taught by instructors accredited at the U of S. Courses may be taken for university credit or audited. All students are required to take placement tests at the start of the program. Students taking courses for university credit at the Intermediate or Advanced level will have successfully completed the required sequence of courses in preparation for the next level.

Accommodations will be organized with host families. The homestay program is designed to immerse the student in the daily life of a Ukrainian family while helping to facilitate language acquisition.

Depending on the level of group interest and participation, local excursions may be organized.

The 2011 Spring Language Immersion Program ran in two consecutive sessions for a duration of 7 weeks. During this time, students may have earned up to 6 university credits. Individual language tutoring is provided and constitutes part of the course requirement.

St. Thomas More College Intercordia Program

The Intercordia Program offers an international service learning opportunity for students in St. Thomas More College. This 8-week program takes place in Ecuador and Honduras. Students gain credit in Sociology 260.3 and 261.3 while living and learning from people around the world.