You can take a variety of classes abroad to fulfill your own unique degree requirements. You are eligible to apply if you:

  • have completed or are in the process of completing 60 credit units at the time of application*
  • have a 70% average or higher**
  • are registered as a full-time student prior to and throughout the duration of your exchange program
  • have personal aptitude
  • have available finances or qualify for some of our many scholarships and travel bursaries

*Arts and Science students can apply after completing 30 credit units.
** Arts and Science students must have a minimum of 65% average or higher.

Exchange destinations

Choose from over 136 institutions in 40 countries around the world!


  • Pay U of S tuition*
  • Undergraduate students pay student fees only to partner institution
  • Graduate students pay U of S on campus student fees due to the requirement to maintain continuous registration as well as student fees to partner institution
  • Accommodation, flights, insurance, food, miscellaneous 

Many scholarships and travel bursaries are available through the U of S and external institutions, check out available funding here.

*Regardless of how many courses or credits you plan to transfer back to the U of S, you will be charged the equivalent of 15 credit units of instruction for each semester that you participate in the exchange based on your college tuition category.

Transferable credit

The exchange program is a great way for U of S students to study at a university in another country while still working on requirements for their degree program.

View a list of previously granted transfer credit. Please note that the list provided is not exhaustive; you may be able to take courses not included in the list and transfer them back to your U of S degree.


Application deadline

  • To go overseas Term 2 (2017)  apply by October 1
  • To go overseas Term 1 (2017) or Academic Year (2017-2018) apply by February 1

Incoming exchange students

Are you interested in coming to the U of S as an Exchange Student?