General Information

Deadline: February 1st , 2019

*** 2019 Summer Programs will be updated in November 2018 (see below for past offerings in summer 2018)***

How to apply:

  1. Step 1 of the application process: Apply here to determine if a summer program is a good academic fit for you
  2. Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss transfer credit
  3. Step 2 of the application process: Apply for the summer program of your chioce
  4. If your application is approved, an Academic Advisor will confirm whether or not transfer credit will be granted
  5. Apply for funding
  6. Participate in a mandatory pre-departure session (risk & safety, destination specific information, resources for questions regarding immigration)
  7. Depart for your study abroad destination (ISSAC will remain in contact with you during your time abroad)

Summer Programs

Australia – University of Canberra (June 2018)

Length: 2-3 weeks

Language of Instruction: English

Choose from a variety of programs at the University of Canberra including the following:

- Communications: Global Communications Practice
- The Built Environment & Architecture: From Virtual to Reality: a Capital Idea(l)
- Graphic Design and Visual Communications: Branding Communication and Exhibition Design
- Graphic Design and Visual Communications: Visual Communications and Identity Systems


China - Hong Kong Baptist University (July 3rd – August 3rd , 2018)

Length: 5 weeks

Language of Instruction: English

Over 30 courses will be offered in the areas of Business, Communication, Economics, English, Film, Finance, History, Journalism, Marketing, Religion, Science and Sociology. (Max 6 credits)

China - Subsidized summer programs offered through the Canada Learning Initiative in China (June - July, 2018)

Length: Varies

Language of Instruction: English, Chinese

Canada Learning Initiative in China offers several heavily subsidized summer programs such as

  • Harbin Intensive Language Program, July 2-27, 2018 in Harbin
  • Chinese Archeology, dates to be confirmed, in Jinan
  • Doing Business in China, July 2-27, 2018 in Tianjin
  • China's Economic Development, July 2-27, 2018 in Tianjin
  • Entrepreneurship in China, June 14 - July 12, 2018 in Hangzhou
  • Internationa Development: Education, June 17 - July 17, 2018 in Shanghai

All U of S students participating in CLIC summer programs will receive a monthly stipend, a scholarship to help pay for their flights, free accommodation in China and a free medical insurance.

Czech Republic - Masaryk University (May – July, 2018)

Length: Various

Language of Instruction: English

Masaryk University provides a long list of summer programs in Social Sciences, Language, Science, Law, Economics, European Culture, Business and much, much more! Some of the programs offered include:


- World in Transition and Central European Transformation: Lessons Learnt (June 18 – July 9)
- Authors’ Reading Month: Guest of Honour Turkey, aka Turkish Academy (July 1-29)
- International Relations and Threats to Global Security (July 2 – 23)
- Central Europe – A Birthplace of Modernity (July)
- Summer Lab Research Internships at Masaryk University (May 28 – July 20)
- Global Perspectives: Media, Communication, Culture (May 15 – June 5)


Finland - Metropolia University (August, 2018)

Length: One month

Language of Instruction: English

The annual ICT Summer School will be help 1- 25 August at Metropolia UAS Leppävaara campus. The ICT summer School gives you an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge on differenct areas of information and communication technology, and at the same time explore Finland, meet new people, and expand your network internationally.


Finland - Unviersity of Helsinki Summer School (August 2018)

Length: Various

Language of Instruction: English

Hesinki Summer School offers courses that cover a wide range of academic fields and multidisciplinary topics. The courses organised by the University of Helsinki, a leading university, are designed to challenge and inspire you in a learning environment that promotes equality. 


France – MiCEFA – Summer Program (July 2018)

***This program has an early deadline: If you are planning to apply for this program, please apply by January 15th 2018 and send an email message to to inform us of your plans to apply for this program.

Length: 1 month

Language of instruction: French

North American university students can spend 4 weeks in the City of Lights and earn up to 7 university credits by participating in MICEFA’s summer program. Our program welcomes all levels of French and is an excellent way to experience French culture by studying in one of the most attractive cities in the world!


Germany - TU Berlin Summer University (June – August, 2018)

Term 1: June 11th – July 5th, 2018

Term 2: July 9th – 20th, 2018

Term 3: July 23rd – August 16th, 2018

Language of Instruction: English

Founded in 2015, the TU Berlin Summer and Winter University offers innovative courses in the fields of engineering, space science, architecture, business, computer science and design – among others!  Classes are taught in English and range from 4 to 10 weeks in duration. They are taught by highly qualified professors and teaching staff at the TU Berlin


Germany - University of Oldenburg (July 18th – August 15th, 2018)

Length: 28 days

Language of Instruction: German (level A2)

This program is a 100 hour intensive German language course taught by an experienced and professional teacher. The course will focus on the standard use of spoken and written German and on cultural features of modern German society. Attention will be paid to developing all four skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing.


Germany - Hessen International Summer University (July 14th – August 11th, 2018)

 Length: Various

 Language of Instruction: German and Engilsh

 German programs in various disciplines including Political Studies, German Language, Engineering, German Culture, Business, Economics at various universities in the German state of Hessen including two of our partner institutions:


Iceland - Bifröst University (June – August, 2018)

Length: 21 days

Language of Instruction: English

The Summer School is located in the Nature paradise of Bifrost Village in West Iceland, right between a volcano and glacier. Students are accommodated in comfortable en-suite single rooms at the program’s beautiful campus on the shore of Lake Hreðarvatn. There are natural wonders in a walking distance and students rae surrounded by glaciers, volcanoes, midnight sun, waterfalls, and unspoiled nature. The two programs offered are:

-Making Sense of Future – Future Studies & Innovation
-Sustainable Leadership in the 21st Century


Japan - Kansai Gaidai University (June 13th - July 24th, 2018)

Length: 41 days

Language of Instruction: English

Experience Japan is a 6-week program offered by the Asian Studies Program at Kansai Gaidai University. If offers invaluable experiences to those students who are interested in learning Japanses language and selected topics in Asian studies.


Netherlands - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (June 30th – August 11th, 2018)

Length: 14 days

Sessions 1: June 30th - July 14th, 2018
Session 2: July 14th - 28th, 2018
Session 3: July 28th - August 11th, 2018

Language of Instruction: English

VU Amsterdam offers a variety of courses in Economics and Finance, Computer Science and Data Analysis, Health Sciences, Humanities and Languages, Law and Criminology, and Social Sciences.


Norway - The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (June, August, 2018)

Length: 30 days

Language of Instruction: English, Norwegian

A variety of courses in many different disciplines are offered by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.


Norway – University of Oslo International Summer School (June – August 2018)

***This program has an early deadline: If you are planning to apply for this program, please apply by January 15th 2018 and send an email message to to inform us of your plans to apply for this program.

Length: Various

Language of Instruction: English

The International Summer School (ISS) offers intensive Master’s and Bachelor’s courses each summer, from late June to late July.


Singapore - Nanyang Technological University (June – July, 2018)

Length: 28 or 42 days

Language of Instruction: English

GEM Trailblazer is tailored to prepare global talents to be future-ready for the Asian century. With more than 30 courses offered the programmes are designed to be rigorous yet exciting.


Sweden – Jönköping University (June, 2018)

Length: 30 days

Language of Instruction: English

The Summer School of Jönköping University 2018 consists of one 10 credit course given by the School of Engineering. The course Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective is open to international students from around the world interested in the areas of engineering and management. As a participant in our summer school you will experience academic and applied knowledge as well as a truly international environment.


United Kingdom – Birmingham International Summer School (July – August 2018)

Length: 2- 4 weeks

Language of instruction: English

The Birmingham International Summer School has been designed to offer you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of another country and to study in one of the most diverse cities in the UK. The 2018 Summer School is ideal for students based overseas who would like to experience studying abroad for a short period.


United Kingdom – University of Liverpool (June – August, 2018)

Length: 21 or 42 days

Language of Instruction: English

The University of Liverpool International Summer School is located in the beautiful port city of Liverpool, we’re part of the fastest growing economy and have more galleries and green spaces than any other city outside of London. With its reputation for friendliness and its history as a centre for music and culture, we are sure that you will find Liverpool a place where you will receive a warm welcome, make friends and have life changing experiences.

For more information about these programs please visit the International Student and Study Abroad Centre during drop-in hours Tuesdays and Thursday from 1 - 4pm and Wednesdays from 9am - 12pm.