Securing Your Bike

For many students and staff at the University of Saskatchewan, their bicycle is their primary source of transportation throughout the year.

Choosing the right bike lock

U-Locks and Chain-Locks

Although no bicycle lock is invincible, it doesn’t make sense to leave your expensive bicycle on campus secured with an inexpensive lock. A general rule is that you should spend at least 10% of the value of your bicycle on your locking system. Also, when you plan to leave your bike locked for a long period of time or in a high-risk area, use TWO locks, not one, as this will make thieves less likely to steal your bike as they will search for an easier target.

U-Locks or Chain-Locks are generally the highest security locks you can get.

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Cable locks are very common but are also the weakest of the locks. While lighter and easier to use than the heavy-duty locks above, they can be cut with the simplest of tools making them a favourite for would-be thieves.

On campus, cable locks should be reserved for use in tandem with a high security lock like that above, and not as your only locking solution.

Other tips

To keep your bike as safe as possible while you are on campus the USSU and Protective Services recommend the following:

  • Write down you bike information. Write down your bike make, model and serial number and keep this information at home. In the event that your bike is stolen, we will require this information to try to recover it. Bike serial numbers are usually imprinted on the underside of the bike frame.

  • Secure your wheels and your frame together with multiple locks.

  • Bring your tires and seat with you if they are quick release, or replace your quick release skewers with something lockable.

  • Never leave your bike overnight or over the weekend. An unattended bike is easy prey for thieves. Thieves will note which bikes have not been moved and will be happy to try to move them for you.

  • ALWAYS lock your bike. Even if you only have to run in for a minute.

  • Phone Protective Services immediately if you notice anyone suspicious around the bike racks. It takes only a minute for a bike thief to sever a cable lock. Remember that all payphones have a direct dial button to Protective Services.

  • Invest in a high quality lock system. 

Bike lockers

Bicycle lockers

Beyond the bike racks located across the campus, the university also has a limited number of lockers available for rent.

Reporting a stolen bike

If your bicycle is stolen while on campus, please contact Protective Services as soon as possible.

We will ask for information about your bike, such as make, model, serial number, color etc. We will initiate a report, and register your bike as stolen on a police computer system. If your bike is recovered at any time we will be able to contact you and return your bike.

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