More than 1,500 USask students study at off-campus sites and over 6,200 students take online classes. As a student in an off-campus program or taking online classes you have access to all student services offered such as financial and academic support.

Your Options

Interested in taking an off-campus or online program?

Completing your degree closer to home is a great option if you are seeking more scheduling flexibility, you are unable to come to our main campus or you are just looking to ease your transition to university. As a University of Saskatchewan (uSask) student learning from home or in your home community, you can enjoy more flexibility in balancing your studies with work and family life.

Wellness, legal, financial support

Through USask’s free GuidanceResources program, trained and certified counsellors are available by phone or online 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Financial experts, health coaches and lawyers are also available through GuidanceResources.

Common Visiting Students

Saskatchewan students enrolled at the University of Regina, and/or Saskatchewan Polytechnic

If you are currently enrolled at the University of Regina and/or Saskatchewan Polytechnic, you can apply to the University of Saskatchewan as a Common Visiting Student. As a Common Visiting Student, you can take distance and off-campus classes offered by partnered institutions in Saskatchewan with the intent of transferring credit back to your home institution.

To apply as a Common Visiting Student, please fill out and submit the application form below, along with a letter of permission from your home institution. Talk to your advisor at your home institution for more information.

Distance Education Writing Centre

Anyone taking a distance class administered by the Distance Education Unit can use this free service. This includes online, independent studies, televised, multi-mode and off-campus classes.

  • Provides tools and support to help you write effective essays, reports, or reviews.
  • Simply submit a project draft and a qualified tutor will assess your work and offer advice to improve your project.
  • Contact the tutor if you have difficulty getting started, or want advice on constructing an outline.
  • Note: tutors do not replace writing instruction in your classes – they enhance and support it. Tutors will not write, edit, or proofread assignments and will not ghostwrite essays or offer instruction in English as a second language.
  • You do the work. We support you in the process.
  • Write a project draft.
  • Use the following timelines when submitting:
    • Submit your assignment by email at least 2–3 days (48–72 hours) before the due date.
    • Assignments sent by regular mail or fax require more time. Contact the DEU Writing Centre for more details.
    • Assignments may be submitted on weekends, but return times may be slower.
  • Your assignment will be returned along with a tutor critique sheet. The critique sheet will provide comments about the following areas:
    • What are the paper’s strengths?
    • Describe any weaknesses concerning the thesis or focus, voice or tone, organization, development, paragraphing etc.. 

    • The tutor will suggest a strategy to improve on each weakness and offer additional comments to help you with your assignment.

Send a completed submission form along with your assignment to You will receive a response from a tutor confirming receipt of your assignment.

To discuss your assignment with the tutor:

  • Call 306-966-4594 
    • Available Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm 
    • You can also call this number outside of available times and leave a message.
  • Or, email with questions concerning your projects. 

Class Search

How to search for classes and plan your schedule

Follow these steps to view classes being offered:

  1. Go to the class search page and select the term you wish to register for.

  2. Enter Your Search Criteria:
    • Subject: Select the subject you are interested in.
      To view all subjects leave blank.
    • Campus: If studying at an off-campus site, choose your location from the Campus Menu. For Prince Albert campus choose "SIAST- Woodland Campus". 
    •  Choose how classes are delivered by selecting Advanced Search:
    • Select Schedule Type: 
      • “Lecture” for face-to-face classes at an off-campus site
      • “Televised class” for live-streamed/televised classes
      • “Web based Class” for online classes
      • “Independent Studies” for print-based, home study classes
      • Or “All” for everything
  3. Once you submit your search you will see how classes are delivered under the Title and where it is offered under Campus. Each class offering has a specific CRN and this number is what you will use to register.  You can learn more about each class by clicking the Course Title.

Distance Exams

All final examinations are scheduled to be written on campus in Saskatoon. The date, time and location of your exam is listed in the Final Examination schedule in your PAWS account. If you are unable to write your examination in Saskatoon (certain criteria applies) you must apply for a regular or special examination centre. If you are writing your final exam in Saskatoon do not complete an application form. 

If you are taking an off-campus face-to-face or live streamed/televised class you will write your exam at your off-campus site.

Off-Campus Advisors

Local advisors are available at your off-campus site to help you explore your education and career posibilities. You also have access to your USask college advisor.

Contact Us

Distance Education Unit

We are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (except for statutory holidays).