Bringing in the Bystander

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A skill-building bystander intervention workshop for preventing sexual assault and establishing a community of responsibility

Sexual assault is an important topic on campus, and as the conversation gains traction survivors are coming forward more than ever before. But how can we prevent sexual assault from occurring on our campus in the first place?
Bringing in the Bystander is a two-hour workshop that uses real-world examples, skill and empathy-building activities, and role-playing scenarios that equip participants with the skills and knowledge to make a difference at the community level by addressing elements of rape culture. Participants learn about a spectrum of harmful behaviours that constitute sexual violence and methods of interrupting sexual violence safely when it’s occurring or likely to occur.
FREE for USASK students
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A minimum of 6. You will be notified if the session is cancelled due to low enrollment. 

Event Details

03:00 PM - 04:30 PM
GSA Commons: 1337 College Drive


Beau Gallerneault