Anxiety Education Group


Session 4: Behavioral Awareness

“I’ve tried everything, coping mechanisms don’t work, and don’t you dare tell me to ‘just breathe’.”

Anxiety is smart. It knows exactly where and when to hit us and it has set itself up to stay forever. Smart monsters need to be outsmarted. In this 5-session education group we will explore what anxiety is, how it works, and what that might mean for how we approach it.

This wellness group is free for all registered University of Saskatchewan students. Drop in's are welcome, registration is encouraged. Each session will build off the last, while stand alone sessions are beneficial, it is recommended participants attend all 5.

Please click on the link to register: Anxiety Education Group Eventbrite

Facilitated by Devan Moxley Teigrob, BScRN, RN Mental Health Nurse Ashley Breland, BA, BSW, RSW Intake Counsellor.

Event Details

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM CST
Room 70.4, International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC)