Kent Monkman’s "The Scream" deck set from Colonialism Skates Unveiling

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Presented by the University Art Galleries and Collection and the College Arts and Science. This event is part of Indigenous Achievement Awards.

Kent Monkman's The Scream deck set from Colonialism Skates

Join us for the unveiling of the artwork, Kent Monkman's The Scream deck set from Colonialism Skates.

Long Term Loan

The artwork is on long term loan by the USask alum Jaz Gatin (Michif) and his family "in honour of those lost to the residential schools and Sixties Scoop survivors."

"(Loaning the artwork) The Scream, Colonialism skateboard series (to the university) is my way of stimulating conversations about our shared history. As a Michif, skateboarder, USask alumni and former USask staff I felt this donation was the perfect way to create space for Indigenous perspectives and as a means to spark conversation amongst the USask community," Gatin said about the artwork. 

About the piece:

The Scream was created as part of a series of collaborations between Colonialism Skateboards, a company started by Michael Langan in Treaty 4 Territory.

“By combining skateboard art with a history lesson on Indigenous culture and colonialism in Canada, Micheal’s innovative approach is leading a conversation about how Canadians, especially youth, can move forward together through reconciliation.”

Monkmon's The Scream, and its haunting imagery, reflects the devastating impacts of colonization in Canada and the Residential School System. Monkman’s artwork challenges us to think critically about our history.

Event Details

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM CST
College of Arts and Science — at the top of the Arts ramp


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