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The University of Saskatchewan (U of S), proudly situated on Treaty 6 land and traditional Métis territory, has had the honour of hosting an annual powwow on the campus grounds for more than 20 years.


Remember that the University Bridge is closed for repairs all summer. For more information, including maps that show alternative routes, visit the City of Saskatoon's University Bridge information page

8:30-9:30 am: School and Grade 12 graduate check-in
It is important for schools and Grade 12 graduates to check in at the Powwow's registration table as soon as they arrive.

10 am: Grand Entry and Grade 12 honouring
Grade 12 graduates should check in and gather around the grand entry area at 9:30 a.m.

11 am: Youth dance and drum competition

11 am-2:30 pm: Children’s Area: Independent activities
Teachers and chaperones can lead educational craft sessions or activities. Some supplies will be provided.

11 am-noon: Children's Area, 20-minute guided sessions

  • Métis storytelling
  • Métis flag
  • Métis and First Nations traditional hand games
  • First Nations storytelling
  • Introduction to Powwow regalia

11 am-4 pm: BBQ
We will not be offering complimentary lunches this year. Students, teachers and chaperones can either bring their own lunch or purchase one on campus. There will be many food locations on campus open during the powwow, including a BBQ set up outside near the powwow from 11 am to 4 pm.

11-11:45 am: U of S graduate check-in

Noon: U of S graduate honouring

1 pm: Adult dance and drum competition

1-2:15 pm: Children's Area, 20-minute guided sessions

  • Métis storytelling
  • Métis flag
  • Métis and First Nations traditional hand games
  • First Nations storytelling
  • Introduction to Powwow regalia

4pm- Powwow ends

Head staff

Master of ceremonies: Donny Speidel, Howie Thomson
Arena directors: Ron McNab, Poncho Brady 
Host drum: High Noon
Head drum judge: Bobby Rainey

Regalia: Do not touch a dancer’s regalia without the dancer’s permission. If you notice that a dancer has dropped part of his or her regalia, inform them but allow them to pick up the item themselves unless they ask you to assist.

U of S graduates

If you said you were an Aboriginal student when you applied to graduate, you were invited to take part in the Graduation Powwow’s honouring and have your name listed in the powwow’s program booklet. 

If you are a U of S graduate and have questions about the honouring or about the Graduation Powwow in general, please email the Aboriginal Students' Centre at

If you registered to take part in the honouring, please check in at the Registration table in the Bowl between 11 am and 11:45 am on May 27. The honouring will take place at noon.

School groups

Students of all ages are welcome to attend the powwow! Please have one person from your school register all students who plan on attending the powwow, including any graduating Grade 12 Aboriginal students.

We would like to recognize and honour as many graduating Grade 12 Aboriginal students as possible at the powwow. The Grade 12 graduate honouring takes place 10 am. Grade 12 graduates who are registered can participate in the honouring and will be recognized in the 2014 Graduation Powwow Program.

Registration is now closed.



  1. All contests are gender specific
  2. All dancers may enter in one category only
  3. Absolutely no caps or hats will be allowed with regalia during Grand Entry
  4. Anyone caught wearing caps or hats will forfeit their points for Grand Entry
  5. If a dancer drops or loses any piece of his/her regalia during dance contention, the contestant may remain in the contest, however, if a dancer walks off during contest, he/she will not be asked to return during that session under the judges' discretion
  6. No whistles allowed during the contest sessions
  7. If any dancer blows a whistle, all Grand Entry and Contest points for that session will be eliminated

Any questions/conflicts that should arise regarding the dance contest that cannot be solved through the Head Judge will be directed to the Arena Director. All decisions made by the Arena Director are final. If a solution cannot be reached by the above parties, the Arena Director is required to contact the Powwow Committee Chairman. All decisions made by the Powwow Committee are final.

Registration is now closed.



  1. All groups must register at least five (5) singers to participate in the contest.
  2. The Head Singer / Lead Drummer must register all drum groups members.
  3. At least one (1) member of each drum group must provide a valid Social Insurance Number and current mailing address otherwise honorariums/prize money cannot be awarded.
  4. All registered singers must be at their respective drums for drum roll call. Roll call will be 15 minutes prior to each Grand Entry. Each drum participating in roll call will be awarded 25 points. Five (5) points will be deducted for each singer missing.
  5. Drums not competing in contest must make drum roll call to be paid for that session.
  6. Drum groups must use the same number of registered singers for each song that they are asked to sing. There will be absolutely no drum hopping and no substitute singers used for drum roll call, inter-tribals, or contests.
  7. A person can participate in both the dance and drum contests. However, if the dance contest and the drum group are called at the same time, and if the dancer chooses to dance rather than sing, the drum group will lose points. If a dancer is with a drum group during Grand Entry and that drum is called upon for a Grand Entry song, his number will be taken by the Head Dance Judge only.


  • Intertribals: 6 push ups (unless otherwise stated);
  • Contest Songs: 4 push ups;
  • Men’s Traditional / Grass and Women’s Traditional / Jingle: 4 push ups plus tail (if required in song).

The MC/announcer will notify each drum group in advance of what type of song they will be called upon to sing. The head judge will try to prevent song duplication by a drum group (i.e. crow hops, sneak ups, etc.).

The Head Singer or Lead Drummer for each drum group will be held totally responsible for the behavior of his drum group.

Appropriate song selection must be performed for each category (i.e. Traditional songs for Traditional dances, Grass songs for Grass dances, etc.). No whistles are permitted during dance contests. All tabulations are final!

Any questions / conflicts that should arise regarding the Drum Contest that cannot be solved through the Head Judge will be directed to the Arena Director. All decisions made by the Arena Director are final. If a solution cannot be reached by the above parties, the Arena Director is required to contact the Powwow Committee Chairman. All decisions made by the Powwow Committee are final.


The drum competition judging system will consist of a five point system (1 = poor; 5 = excellent) with six categories:

  • Judging system — Drummers
  • Dancers' Response
  • Singing / Harmony
  • Drum Rhythm
  • Cleanliness
  • Attendance for Number of Singers
  • Overall Performance

Registration is now closed.


2014 Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Base Sponsors

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Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information about getting involved with the Graduation Powwow, please contact Graeme Joseph by email at or by telephone at (306) 966-7287.

Becoming an official sponsor of the U of S Graduation Powwow places you in a unique position to:

  • Showcase your organization’s commitment to celebrate
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit success
  • Raise your organization’s profile and image amongst the
  • campus and Aboriginal communities
  • Participate in a culturally and provincially unique
  • educational event

Sponsorship Benefits

$20,000 +
Less than $750

Naming opportunities

  • Adult and Youth Competitions
  • Grand Entry
  • Children’s Tent or
  • Dignitary Room or
  • Veteran’s Tent
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Advertising at event
Booth at U of S Powwow Expo
Recognition in event guide
Verbal recognition at Powwow
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Recognition on Aboriginal
Students’ Centre website
Social Media

Naming Opportunities
Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors will have the opportunity to receive exclusive naming rights for certain Powwow activities on a first-come, first serve basis. (ie. Your Business Name’s Adult and Youth Drum Competition)

The naming rights will be included on all information and advertising of the event including, but not limited to:

  • signage at event
  • posters
  • social media
  • advertisements
  • website

Advertisement in Event Guide
Platinum and gold sponsors will have advertising space in the event guide. Deadline to submit your ad is May 1, 2015. Advertisements must be submitted electronically in PDF or JPG format, black and white at 300 dpi to

Ad dimensions are:

  • Platinum - Full page 4.125” x 7.25”
  • Gold - Half page 4.125” x 3.5”

Advertising at Event 
Sponsors bronze and above will be displayed at the event including sponsor boards that will be located around the event. If applicable, please send your high-resolution logo to by May 1, 2015.

Booth at Powwow Expo
Base to Platinum sponsors are invited to participate in the Powwow’s Campus Expo. Deadline to register for the Campus Expo is May 1, 2015.

Volunteers will be on hand to assist exhibitors with the drop-off and delivery of materials.

Sponsors occupying booth space at the Graduation Powwow Expo are required to provide evidence of third party liability insurance, Commercial General Liability, with a minimum limit of liability of $2 million per occurrence, adding the University of Saskatchewan as Additional Insured. Please email, fax or mail the certificate to the Aboriginal Students’ Centre along with the Sponsorship Registration Form by May 1, 2015.

Recognition in Event Guide
All sponsors will be recognized in the event guide. Please email your high resolution logo to by May 1, 2015.

Verbal Recognition at Powwow
All sponsors will be mentioned several times throughout the day by the Master of Ceremonies.

Participation in Grand Entry 
On the day of the Powwow, each sponsor is invited to have up to two representatives in the Grand Entry. Include the names of the representative(s) on the Sponsorship Registration Form or contact the ASC. Deadline to register for the Grand Entry is May 22, 2015.

Recognition on Aboriginal Students’ Centre Website
All sponsors will be recognized on the Aboriginal Students’ Centre website. Send your logo and your website URL to by May 1, 2015.