Stay registered every term

Unless otherwise specified by a special program agreement, all graduate degree students must be continuously registered every term (Fall, Winter and Summer terms) throughout your program.

  • Thesis or project based students - must register in 990, and in 994 or 996.
    • 990 seminar course (according to program requirements) and
    • You must be registered in every term for either 994, if you are in a Masters thesis program, OR, 996, if you are in a Ph.D. program
  • Master’s course-based - If there is no course for a master’s course-based student to take in a particular term, you must be registered in Maintenance of Status.  This registration carries with it tuition fees and student fees equivalent to a three (3) credit unit course. Maintenance of Status terms are included as part of a student’s time in program.
  • Postgraduate Diploma students who are not enrolled in a course in a particular term do not need to register for that term.  PGD students are permitted to be unregistered for a maximum of two consecutive terms. PGD students must be registered for at least one term of each calendar year by either enrolling in a course or in Maintenance of Status for that term.

If you are uncertain of what courses you should be registering in contact your Department to find out.

Leaves of Absence may be available.

Complete degree before deadline

Your timeline for your degrees starts with the first class credited towards your degree – make sure you’re within your timeline!

  • Postgraduate Diploma and Master degree students have five (5) years to complete their degree.
  • Ph.D. students have six (6) years to complete.
  • If you transfer from a Master’s to a PhD, you must remember that your timeline will continue from the start of your Master’s degree to a maximum of six (6) years.

An extension to time in program may be available.  Contact the Graduate Secretary or Graduate Chair of your academic unit or department for information on how to apply.