AES students and notetakers are being kept up to date with information via email and PAWS. Please check your email/ PAWS announcements and contact with any questions.


The Notetaking Program facilitates the sharing of volunteers’ lecture notes, through Blackboard Learn to eligible students who:

  • have difficulty physically taking notes
  • have difficulty hearing the lecture
  • may be easily distracted.

The program is confidential for both the Notetaker and the Access and Equity Services (AES) registered student.

Accessing Notetaking Program

  1. Register with Access and Equity Services (AES)
  2. Request a notetaker below or through your AES channel in PAWS.
  3. Once AES receives your class information, they will send an email to all the students in your class requesting a volunteer notetaker. The service is confidential and anonymous.

If you have requested notetaking for a 6 credit class, then the term 1 notetaker will continue on in term 2.

How do I become a notetaker?

  1. Notetakers must be registered U of S students.
  2. You must be in a class in which notetaking is required by a student. If a notetaker is required, all students in the class will receive an email from PAWS requesting a volunteer notetaker.
  3. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Notetaking Program to make an appointment.
  4. You will need to upload your notes to Blackboard Learn (BBL)

There are a couple of different ways in which notes can be uploaded:

If you use your laptop in class to take notes

Then it is a simple process to upload your notes to Blackboard Learn (BBL).

If you use pen and paper to take notes

You can scan handwritten notes or we can provide you with a pen kit that will read your notes and translate them into a digital copy that you can save to your personal computer/laptop and then you can upload them to Blackboard Learn (BBL). As well, this same pen will make an audio recording of the lecture notes synched with the notes you have written.

More information on this simple process as well as scanner locations will be given in the instructions email sent to you by the Notetaking Department, after you have been signed up.

Getting Help

Access and Equity Services is here to assist individuals requiring accommodations based on disability, religion, family status and gender identity.

The following services are available to students registered with Access and Equity Services: