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The day to celebrate our graduates on stage may be delayed, but that won't stop us from recognizing your accomplishments. This is a tremendous achievement, and it's worth pausing to honour the importance of this moment—the culmination of all of your work, all of the late nights, all of the classes, all of the papers, all of the moments over the years that have led you to this.

Wherever you're celebrating, congratulations! We couldn't be more proud.

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University of Saskatchewan Chancellor Grit McCreath, President and Vice-Chancellor Peter Stoicheff, Elder Roland Duquette, and Alumni Association representative Chris Unsworth congratulate the USask class of 2020 and share advice with our newest alumni.
The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, His Honour the Honourable Russell Mirasty commends the USask class of 2020 for their hard work and reminds graduates of the importance of giving back.
Premier of Saskatchewan Scott Moe congratulates the USask class of 2020 on behalf of the entire province of Saskatchewan and encourages graduates to live with dignity, integrity and confidence.

To the Class of 2020:

You are now part of a truly unique graduating class at the University of Saskatchewan, students who will be forever remembered for their extraordinary efforts in extraordinary times.

For more than 100 years, our university has marked this memorable milestone moment in our students' academic journeys with ceremonies steeped in a century of tradition, while firmly focused on the future. The global pandemic may have forced us to celebrate convocation in isolation this year, but that in no way takes away from what you have accomplished and endured to complete your degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Like all campus communities, we have had to make major changes in order to ensure the safety of our students, staff and faculty, while creating new ways to complete the academic year. The unprecedented move to finish all winter semester classes and final exams online was challenging and stressful, and we commend you for your commitment to completing your courses.

You have displayed remarkable resiliency and resourcefulness, dedication and determination, to become part of a graduating class like no other. On behalf of all faculty and staff at the University of Saskatchewan, we would like to congratulate you on this remarkable achievement, as you join our family of 160,000 alumni worldwide.

Over these past few months, our world has been forever changed by a coronavirus pandemic that has proven just how globally connected we all are, while also reminding us just how important the idea of community is. For our campus community, we remain committed to being the university the world needs, from our researchers seeking vaccines and treatments for COVID-19, to staff and students volunteering in this time of crisis to help make their own part of the world a better place.

As you prepare for the next step in your own personal journeys, we look forward to you all finding your own place in the global community, and the opportunity to make a difference. Along the way, please take time to remember all those who have supported you during your time at the University of Saskatchewan, your family and friends, and favourite faculty members.

For those who want to have that chance to walk across the stage to celebrate your degrees, we invite you to come back and join us when we resume convocation celebrations on campus at some point in the future. For now, we say congratulations, as we salute the truly historic USask Class of 2020.

Peter Stoicheff
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Saskatchewan

Grit McCreath
University of Saskatchewan

Congratulations graduates of 2020 and welcome to the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association!

We're ecstatic to have you join our family of more than 160,000 graduates who were once in your shoes and have now entered the workforce and will be our leaders of tomorrow as doctors, lawyers, engineers, agrologists, social workers, teachers, actors and many more leading professionals.

After years of study, your canvas is blank so where you go next is up to you. There are so many possibilities ahead for you given our global circumstances.

Your success is a tribute to your perseverance and dedication which will serve you well whether it is a career in your chosen field or by continuing your education.

It's unfortunate on many levels that we had to forego our annual convocation ceremonies where you would rightly walk across the stage to accept your degree from President Peter Stoicheff.

Suffice to say, the world is now your stage where you can take the knowledge gained and make yourself, your families and your alma mater proud of your accomplishments.

Take time to celebrate. What you have accomplished so far is a testament to your resolve and initiative and has required your dedication and passion to complete.

Be proud of what you've done and it is my hope you remember your time fondly at USask for years to come.

Being a USask alumni means you will always have a place to come home to, and I encourage you to visit and stay involved in some capacity. There are many opportunities for our alumni to share their experiences with students, faculty and staff. Our Huskies always appreciate a good cheering section! Be sure to keep in touch on our social media channels.

Welcoming all of you to our family is my pleasure and I look forward to see where each of you go with your degree.

Again, congratulations on your wonderful achievement!

Kelly Strueby (BComm'84)
President, University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association

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Congratulations USask graduates, class of 2020! Search the list to find yourself and your friends!

List of graduates

This is not a complete list of our spring graduates. Due to the COVID-19 situation, some students have not yet been formally approved to receive their degree, diploma or certificate. A more complete list will be available on the past convocations webpage later in the summer.

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