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Congratulations, graduates! You are now joining a college alumni community more than 34,000 strong that is committed to the power of education. We are a distinct group, united in vision and dedicated in purpose.

Message from the dean

To recognize and celebrate the College of Education fall 2020 graduates, Dr. Michelle Prytula (PhD) recorded the graduation video above. A written version of her address is below.


To the graduates of the College of Education:

Congratulations on the completion of your degree, and on the hard work and dedication that went into this achievement. 2020 has been a year with many challenges, and with many milestones cut short, but please take this opportunity to recognize how momentous of an occasion this is and how proud we are at the College of Education of your accomplishments.

Like last spring, I will truly miss this convocation. There is something special about celebrating each of you being acknowledged at a ceremony with our Chancellor and our President, and crossing the stage in front of your family and friends. I hope you will join us in doing so when we can physically be present with each other once again, when all of this is over.

But as a fellow graduate of the University of Saskatchewan Bachelor of Education program myself, I am present with you in spirit, if not in person. I mean it when I say that teaching is the noblest of all professions. I am sincere when I tell you that you couldn’t have chosen a more worthwhile career.

And what a career it is. While the going can get tough sometimes, the commitment and dedication of a teacher at heart never wavers.

Much of the world has been slowed by COVID-19, but along with all of the teachers in the field, you, along with me, haven’t slowed. We haven’t relented on our commitment to the values of the profession, we haven’t held back our dedication to its ideals, and we haven’t wavered in our belief in its merits.

Graduates of 2020, at this convocation, I wish you energy to never ever stop learning, the resolve to stick to your values even when letting go would be so much easier, and the strength to teach throughout your career with the integrity that makes this a lifelong vocation.

Graduates of 2020, you have achieved the scholarship and credentials of a professional teacher, but this class, your class, has faced the interruption and challenges brought on by the pandemic head-on with the fortitude and perseverance that only graduates of this college can. You have renewed and reinforced my unending belief in and respect for the profession.

For these and for so many other reasons, I am honoured to acknowledge all of you as the newest alumni of the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan.

We are a unique group. We understand the power of education.

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