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Congratulations College of Medicine graduates of our medical doctor program and graduate studies programs in population health, biomedical sciences and health sciences! You've made impressive contributions to our communities and the world already, and we look forward to your continued accomplishments and success.

Message from the dean

To recognize and celebrate the College of Medicine spring 2020 graduates, Dr. Preston Smith (MD) recorded the graduation video above. A written version of his address is below.


Hello and congratulations, class of 2020!

I have been thinking of you a great deal, and how different graduation is for you this year. Not crossing the stage in June to accept your degree parchment. Not attending college celebrations and banquets. Not taking the vacation or break you may have planned. I am feeling these unusual times with you and thinking about you, and I do hope to celebrate with you at some point in the future.

I would like to highlight Astrid Lang, our medical doctor class of 2020 recipient of the Lindsay Gold Medal. The gold medal is given for most outstanding academic achievement in each year of training. It is named for Dr. W. Stewart Lindsay, our first professor of pathology and the first dean of our original School of Medical Sciences. Congratulations, Astrid!

To all of you, I share this message from your college:

First, we are incredibly proud of you! Proud of the hard work you’ve put in. Proud of the adjustments you’ve made during the pandemic. Proud of your success in graduating as medical doctors or with graduate degrees in population health, biomedical or health sciences. You are joining the ranks of those so crucial in the fight against COVID-19—our medical scientists and physicians.

Second, we wish you well as you begin this next phase of your life. You are needed by society and your communities more than ever. We are excited to learn of your next accomplishments.

Third, remember that you are on a path of lifelong learning. Value and learn from the challenges you find in front of you, including those we face right now. Know that you are making history right now! Twenty-five years from now you’ll share how you graduated and started your career in the midst of COVID-19, and because of that, you are much better prepared for other challenges that will inevitably come.

Finally, thank you for being what the world needs. As scientists, discovering and sharing knowledge. As medical doctor students at the CoM these past four years, soon joining the ranks of residents, then physicians. You’ve already achieved so much and will continue to do so. I would be remiss in not mentioning your important role in our very successful accreditation outcome.

So to all our graduates, your college wants the best for you in the days ahead and always. Stay well and stay in touch.

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