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Congratulations, graduates!

Message from the dean

To recognize and celebrate the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition spring 2020 graduates, Dr. Jane Alcorn (PhD) recorded the graduation video above. A written version of her address is below.


To the pharmacy and nutrition graduates of 2020, congratulations on achieving this significant milestone in your lives.

Your final year wasn’t what you expected; it wasn’t what any of us expected, yet you persevered in uncertain times to complete this phase of your education and we know you’ll continue to do so in the next stage of your lives.

The faculty and staff are proud of you. We were proud of you before the pandemic, and we’re even more proud of you after seeing the way you’ve conducted yourselves in these past months.

Professionalism, dedication and the desire to continue learning – these are qualities we hope to see in our students during normal times and you’ve continued to demonstrate these qualities during challenging times.

You’ve probably heard this over and over again: you’re completing your degrees during an unprecedented time. While those words might seem overused right now, you’re in a unique position as new healthcare professionals and scientists to serve your communities.

As pharmacists and dietitians, you’ll be prepared to help your patients manage their health, but you’ll also be a reassuring voice for people who are worried about all the unknowns in the world. As scientists, you’ll use data and evidence in making new discoveries and advance your fields to benefit people who need help.

You’re also becoming part of professional communities that will provide you with the support you need to tackle new challenges, professional development opportunities to grow and the chance to give back to your colleagues.

And of course, you’re now part of our alumni community. Our alumni have been integral to your education - whether it’s as preceptors, guest speakers or simply as role models – and we can’t thank them enough for what they do. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to take on these roles yourselves and help train the next generation of pharmacists, dietitians and scientists.

As we celebrate these years of your accomplishments, take a moment to step back from everything that’s going on in the world to appreciate where you’ve been and where you’re going. Challenges may lie ahead, but we know you’re prepared for what will come and you have the skills to take on leadership roles in your professions and fields.

Once again, congratulations on everything you have achieved and best wishes for the future.

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