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Convocation marks an important milestone along your academic journey and in life. It is a celebration of the culmination of hard work and dedication to your studies. As a graduate of our provincial policy school, you possess the passion and knowledge to instigate and support the many changes that are required in policies and organizations in Saskatchewan, across Canada and around the world. We wish you the best as you embark on this next stage of your journey!

Message on behalf of former and current executive directors of JSGS

To recognize and celebrate the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (JSGS) fall 2020 graduates, Doug Moen, former JSGS executive director, and Dr. Loleen Berdahl (PhD), JSGS executive director, recorded the video above. A written version of their address is below.


Doug Moen

I want to extend my congratulations to all our graduates this year. We are really proud of you. We're really proud of the things you've accomplished, and we know you're going to do very well in the workplace.

My convocation: what I remember about it was that the presiding chancellor at the time was John Diefenbaker, who was former Prime Minister of Canada. He was a very old man at that time, and he did a nice job dealing with it. I also remember that we had quite a party that particular evening, and I ended up getting my first post-graduate job coming out of that convocation event.

My message would be to maintain your networks and your contacts with your fellow graduates. It's really important. My next two jobs after that job were also connected to fellow graduates. You know, I did have a great network and they, my friends, have been wonderful with me, and I've maintained those relationships through my life.

Over to you, Loleen.


Loleen Berdahl

Excellent. Well, congratulations to all of our graduates. What a milestone! This is an incredible accomplishment. And I hope everyone is taking the time to really mark this.

I attended one of my convocations, and it was good. It was nice. It was fine. But what was really exciting for me was the large party that my friends and family had with me afterwards. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and we got a cake that was almost as big as me. I highly recommend sugar as a really great way to celebrate life's events!

There's sort of this feeling of, well now things are done, what now? I think having something special to commemorate the fact that something is concluded, that something has been accomplished, is a very important thing. Then to build on Doug's comment as well, maintaining relationships is absolutely a critical part of the value of an education and a program, the connections and the networks that you become part of. Keeping those up is very valuable.

Thank you for being part of the JSGS program! We look forward to welcoming you into our alumni family. It's a great place to be. Alright. Have a good one, everyone.

Johnson Shoyama Graduate School launched a Fall Convocation 2020 page on it's website Friday, October 16 to coincide with the University of Regina’s virtual convocation celebrations.

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