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Congratulations, graduates!

Message from the executive director

To recognize and celebrate the School of Environment and Sustainability fall 2020 graduates, Dr. Karsten Liber (PhD) recorded the graduation video above. A written version of his address is below.


To those of you who are graduating from the School of Environment and Sustainability, I extend to you our most sincere "Congratulations"; on behalf of both myself and the entire SENS faculty and staff.

You should be proud of what you have accomplished. Obtaining a graduate degree of any sort is a serious commitment, and accomplishing that in SENS says a lot about your determination, your skills, and your character.

You have reached an important milestone. The SENS community is proud to see you complete your program and take your next step, whatever it may be. No matter where in the world your career or further study may take you, you should feel well-prepared and know that you will always be a valued alumnus of the School of Environment and Sustainability here at the University of Saskatchewan.

When you began your degree program, the world was a different place than the one you are now entering. No doubt, you were not expecting to complete your degree during a global pandemic – a time of financial challenges, increasing unemployment, and geopolitical instability. And while everything may seem uncertain at the moment, know that this will change and look for the opportunities this global transformation presents, not the challenges.

Know also that the reasons you chose to study in the field of environment and sustainability remain as relevant now, if not more so, than they ever were. The interconnectedness of people and ecosystems across the globe, both natural or man-made, means that our future is tied to the human ability to create solutions that take into consideration not only what must be done, but also how it can be done so that our humanity works in harmony with our environment and technology.

The solutions required to make the world a better place will require you to draw on the foundations of the education you received here at SENS; to apply cutting-edge knowledge and make evidence-based decisions, to be solution oriented, to collaborate within multidisciplinary teams, to respect and consider different views, to work across and bridge different sectors, and to act with compassion and humanity. Whatever you do next, do it with passion and do something that gives you satisfaction and purpose.

You will soon receive your parchment from the University of Saskatchewan. This piece of paper may be you ticket to success, but it is also a call to action! With a degree in Environment and Sustainability you have been empowered to go on and make a difference in the world.

The University of Saskatchewan slogan is "Be what the world needs". Go do that! Be the change you wish to see. Make a difference!

With that, we applaud you, as you to forge your path ahead. Sincere congratulations on the successful completion of your program on behalf of myself and the entire faculty and staff at the School of Environment and Sustainability.

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