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Congratulations, graduates!

Message on behalf of the director

To recognize and celebrate the School of Public Health fall 2020 graduates, Dr. Suresh Tikoo (PhD, DVM), director of the Vaccinology & Immunotherapeutics Program, recorded the graduation video above on behalf of Dr. Doug Brothwell (DMD), interim executive director of the School of Public Health. A written version of his address is below.



This year, I am honored as Director of Vaccinology & Immunotherapeutics program to congratulate you on your graduation from School of Public Health, University of Saskatchewan.

As chair of the advisory committees, I was privileged to see firsthand the sincerity, dedication and hard work you put to complete your graduate degrees. I know it was not easy.

Graduate program years have always been challenging and stressful, but I also know that the reward you got in the form of award of a graduate degree must be more fulfilling.

You are not getting what you expected or hoped for in terms of a convocation. I wish all faculty members of SPH, and specifically, Vaccinology & Immunotherapeutics, were able to celebrate your achievement together.

Nevertheless, I would say—enjoy your success with your friends and family before you start your next journey. You earned it.

Completing your graduate program does not mean you have become strangers. We proudly welcome you to our alumni group and hope you will visit the school in future.

I am sure what ever path lies ahead for you, you will do it with same dedication, sincerity and hard work, I saw in you during your graduate program.

I wish you the very best and prosperous future

Once again—Congratulations.

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