Third Party Recruiters

Third party recruiters are agencies, organizations or individuals recruiting candidates for employment opportunities with other organizations. 
The following guidelines for third party recruiters have been established by CACEE (Canadian Association of Career Educators & Employers) to best meet the needs of students, employers and educational institutions:

  1. No direct referrals will be made to vacancies listed by third party recruiters without posting and/or contacting candidates with the information relating to the position
  2. Third party recruiters will be asked to identify their employer clients in order that educational institutions can determine that the position listed is an actual job vacancy and that it does not duplicate a vacancy already listed with the educational institution
  3. Candidates' resumes must not be held in the files of the third party recruiter for later referral to other positions unless authorized by the candidate

For more information about ethical recruitment, please visit the CACEE website.

Job Posting Policies

USask Career Services reserves the right to refuse to advertise job postings that our office deems to be questionable or inappropriate.

Examples of reasons a job posting may be refused include:

  • Incomplete information

    • Contact details - All contact information (e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.) must be accurate as Career Services may need to contact you about your posting. If we are unable to contact you, your posting may not be approved. Furthermore, any contact names provided must be real names; for example, listing “Human Resources” as your name is not acceptable.

  • Misleading compensation information
    • Start-up costs - All startup costs must be identified in the job posting. Examples include (but are not limited to): clothing, equipment, purchase of company product, and licensing fees.

    • Guaranteed vs. potential salaries - Potential earnings cannot be listed in the salary/wage portion of the job posting. If the position includes a guaranteed wage and commission, you may list only the guaranteed wage and indicate that commission will be paid in addition.

    • Illegal compensation structures  - Positions with illegal or questionable compensation structures will not be posted. Examples of these structures include pyramid selling schemes and failure to meet minimum wage requirements.

  • Human Rights Concerns
    USask Career Services adheres strictly to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, and will not post any material that is in conflict with its guidelines. However, we can post certain material if a Human Rights exemption number is provided.
  • Safety Concerns
    Positions that are deemed to potentially jeopardize student/alumni safety will not be advertised. Adequate supervision and provision of appropriate safety training are essential. 
  • Franchise (self-employment) Opportunities
    Job postings that are advertised through our site must be bona fide offers of employment that include a guaranteed wage or salary (with the exception of volunteer opportunities). If these qualifications cannot be met, the position will not be advertised.
  • Overdue accounts
    Companies who have outstanding invoices/overdue accounts owing to Career Services will not be allowed access to any of the services offered by USask Career Services until the account has been cleared.

Interview Room Policies

  • Due to the congestion of the waiting area, we continue to reserve our interview waiting space for interview candidates only. This means that greeters, promotional banners and giveaways are not permitted within this space.
  • As interview space is extremely limited, each booked interview room must be accompanied by a scheduled interview list of candidates.  In short, interview rooms are for interviewing only, and not to be used for greeting or other purposes.  While greeting candidates is very welcoming, it takes away space from other recruiters that need it for the purpose of interviewing.
  • If you are hosting information and/or briefing sessions, this may be the perfect opportunity to display your promotional materials and banners and invite your greeters. If you plan to offer giveaways, we ask that youprovide them in your pre-booked interview room, at the time of the interview
  • Promotional posters are welcomed to be displayed within the USask Career Services office.  However, due to space restrictions, we ask that posters do not exceed 18 x 24 inches in size.  Each company is allowed a maximum of three posters.

In addition to our space constraints, these policies continue to level the playing field and allow the student to reflect solely on the interview process.

Shipping Policies

USask Career Services cannot accommodate shipped items that have exceeded the dimensions of: 4 ft H x 2 ft W x 3 ft L.  

Please note that all items should be taken with you after the session. USask Career Services and venue are not responsible for return shipping on any items that are left behind.