Engineering Co-op Internship Program

Interested in hiring a co-op student? Opportunities with the Engineering Co-op Internship Program include start dates in January, May and September and last for 4, 8, 12 or 16 months. 

Employers interested in hiring interns are encouraged to refer to the Employer Services website content or contact the Co-op and Career Coordinator in the College of Engineering at

Computer Science Professional Internship Program (CSPIP)

The Computer Science Professional Internship Program (CSPIP) is your opportunity to access the best emerging Computer Science talent in Saskatchewan. Since its inception in 1996, CSPIP has built successful partnerships between faculty, students and industry. 

Employers interested in hiring a Computer Science internship student are encouraged to contact Ellen Redlick, the Computer Science Internship Coordinator, at (306) 966-6513 or by email

Edwards Co-operative Education Program

Interested in hiring a Business Co-op student? Edwards Career Services, within the Edwards School of Business coordinates the Edwards Co-operative Education Program.

Third year undergraduate business students representing six majors (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing and Operations Management) are eligible to participate. Co-op students are available for two, four month back-to-back work terms (optional third term extension option from Sept. to Dec.) starting in January of each year.

Employers interested in hiring a business co-op student are encouraged to contact Edwards Career Services.

Edwards MBA Internship Program

The Edwards MBA Internship Program (EMIP), consists of two four-month back-to-back work terms (optional third term extension option from Sept. to Dec.) starting in January of each year.    

Designed for first year MBA students with little or no work experience, an Internship through the Edwards MBA Internship Program will be a value-added component of the Edwards MBA Program. Work placements provide additional opportunities for learning and mentoring and are designed to provide new MBA students with much needed business experience while they apply their academic knowledge to the workplace.

Employers interested in hiring an Edwards MBA internship student are encouraged to contact Edwards Career Services at, or post your position on CareerLink now.  For more information on this program, please visit

MA Economics Co-op Internship Program

Co-op internships are available to MA Economics students upon enrollment in the MA Economics with co-op designation degree.

MA Economics students are available for co-op internships starting in January, May or September for a period of 4, 8, or 12 months.  Economics students are actively hired provincially and nationally in positions related to economic analysis, financial advising and analysis, risk management, healthcare analysis, quantitative/statistical analysis, public policy, corporate policy, international development and international trade, market analysis, and resource management.

  • Each co-op placement is for 4 months (or 12-17 weeks)
  • At least one placement is mandatory for the degree
  • Co-op internship experience is an integral part of the program leading to the “MA Economics with co-op designation” degree.
  • A student can participate in a maximum of 3 co-op terms with the same or different employers
  • Co-op terms start in January, May, or September
  • Students can participate in consecutive co-op terms, or can alternate between study and co-op terms

Employers interested in recruiting MA Economics students are encouraged to contact Alfons Boving, Economics Co-op coordinator, at (306) 966-6910 or at

Visit the MA Economics Co-op webpage for more information.