Course and Program Catalogue

The authoritative listing of the academic programs offered by the University detailing the requirements of each.

Major Maps

Major Maps help you learn how to get the most out of your degree and prepare for your future career.


Do you need help choosing your major, a program, or specific classes? Academic advisors can help.

Changing programs

Speak with an advisor if you'd like to change majors or programs within a college. If you'd like to apply to a program outside of your college, login to PAWS and apply via the admissions channel.

Colleges and departments

The A-Z directory lists all college and department websites at the University.

Degree Works

Degree Works lets you monitor up-to-date academic progress toward the completion of your degree.

  • Check progress towards your degree with a listing of classes completed and classes required
  • Explore what course requirements would be needed if you changed your program
  • Devise a long-term plan for degree completion to ensure the courses you plan to take in future terms will fulfill your degree requirements
  • Explore your progress with future courses included
  • Check your average - currently available for students in the College of Agriculture & Bioresources, Education, Engineering, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Kinesiology, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry.

The Academic Profile channel does not replace face-to-face academic advising. View a sample Degree Works audit.


Online Support

Click the Help tab on the menu bar from any page within the program to access context-sensitive online help for Degree Works. A new window will open that will display help related to the page that was open when Help was clicked.

College and Department Advising Offices

Program-related support may be obtained from the advising office in your college or department. Please contact your college or department advising office with any questions related to:

  • Course requirement issues;
  • Program requirement issues; 
  • Degree requirement issues;
  • Student information errors and omissions;
  • Course-related errors and omissions.

Contact the advising office for your college or department for program advice and counseling.

ICT Service Desk

Technical support may be obtained from the ICT Service Desk for non-program issues. Please contact the Service Desk for support related to the following:

  • NSID and username issues;
  • Networking issues;
  • Browser-related issues;
  • PAWS connections issues;
  • PAWS tabs issues;
  • PAWS channels issues;
  • PAWS link issues to Degree Works.

Contact the ICT Service Desk for more information.