Thinking about my drinking challenge

Pledge to stay dry in January (the whole month, or just a part)

Write about your experience and post to Instagram or email us.

The more times you post/email, the more times your name gets entered into a draw to win great prizes. Limit of one entry per day. Must be a U of S student or staff.

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  • Support team
  • Confidential

Sign up before January 6, 2019 by emailing:

For more information about Whats Your Cap? and Peer Health.
For more information on alcohol guidelines.

Wellness events

Mental and physical health

Mental health healthy mind

I want information about:

    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Relationships
    • Self image

Physical health healthy body

I want information about:

    • Sleep
    • Drugs and alcohol
    • Sexual health STIs, contraception, pregnancy
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness
    • Everyday health concerns including headaches, backcare, cold/flu, etc.  

Healthy life school-life balance

I want information about:

Find actions to take to improve your wellbeing

Find the stage that most closely describes your behavior and feelings to determine which actions you should take to move toward or remain in the HEALTHY phase.





Getting help

Sometimes you may realize you need a little help staying healthy. Balancing the demands of university and staying well in the process is no small feat. 

Student Wellness Centre

  • Doctor and nurse appointments
  • Mental health assessment, consulting and counselling
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Sexual health care including contraception counselling and STI prevention, testing and treatment
  • Physiotherapy*
  • Message therapy*
  • Chiropractic care*

*Associated fees for physio, massage and chiropractic. 

Student Affairs and Outreach

If you are in distress or in crisis or you are experiencing mental health concerns please contact us.

We can provide or connect you to the right support and services you need.