Student Affairs and Outreach

A team of Social Workers responsible for mental health intake, early alerts, student outreach, crisis response, psycho-educational groups, and consultation to faculty, staff, and students who are concerned about a student.

Third floor (Rm. 310) and fourth floor, Place Riel Student Centre

Urgent assistance

Immediate Danger

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger or experiencing a life threatening event:

  • Saskatoon Police Service 911 or 9-911 (on campus)
  • Royal University Hospital 103 Hospital Drive
  • Campus Protective Services (306) 966-5555

SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY if, at any time, you are having thoughts of death or suicide accompanied by:

  • A fear that you will hurt yourself
  • You have secured a means to self-harm
  • And/or you have developed a plan for suicide

Urgent after hours assistance

  • Saskatoon Police Service 911 (or 9-911 on campus)
  • Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services (Mobile Crisis) (306) 933-6200 (24/7)
  • Campus Protective Services (306) 966-5555
  • Royal University Hospital emergency department - 103 Hospital Drive
  • Saskatoon Sexual Assault Crisis Line (306) 244-2224
  • Saskatchewan HealthLine 811 (or 9-811 on campus)

If you or someone you know who is a U of S student is in distress, in crisis, or experiencing a mental health concern please contact us.

About Student Affairs and Outreach

Learn how Student Affairs and Outreach can help.

The following services are provided by the Student Affairs and Outreach team:

  • Student outreach
    • Urgent appointments for students in crisis
    • Navigation of supports on and off campus
  • Mental health intake
    • Mental health assessments. 
    • The intake team provides referrals for ongoing mental health services at the Student Wellness Centre or other on or off campus services.
  • Crisis response
  • Consultation with faculty, staff, and students who are concerned about the well-being and/or safety of U of S students
  • Education and programming - the team provides education to the campus community on a variety of wellness topics including Mental Health First Aid, Livingworks safeTALK and Dealing with Difficult People.

Student Support and Outreach Coordinator

The Student Support and Outreach Coordinators provide support to students in crisis, students who are at-risk, and/or students experiencing complicated and/or complex problems. They work with students to provide:

  • Assessment of student needs
  • Solution focused problem resolution
  • Crisis intervention and prevention
  • Navigation of campus & community resources
  • On-going support and follow up
  • On-going support and assistance to students who disclose sexual assault
  • Referrals to other support services and/or academic services
  • Support to faculty and staff who are managing a complex student situation

Student Support and Outreach Coordinators do not provide counselling services.

Referrals to the Student Student and Outreach Coordinators

You can contact them directly or request an appointment by calling (306) 966-5757 or dropping by the Student Affairs and Outreach office located on the 3rd floor, Place Riel. 

Beau Gallerneault - (306) 966-4927, email:

Lisa Greig - (306) 966-5779, email:           

Mental health intake

An intake appointment includes a holistic assessment of students who are seeking mental health services. The intake counsellor, along with the student, will discuss various services to ensure students access the right service provider at the right time. The intake counsellor will consider a stepped care model of intervention which determines the most effective yet least resource-intensive treatment. The objective is to match the complexity of the situation with the level of intervention required.

The assessment and stepped intervention plan may include self-care, social supports, online mental health resources, workshops and educational groups, mindfulness meditation, and/or referrals to the counselling team, a physician, and/or the dietician. Interventions are effective tools the intake counsellor will discuss with you. Strengthening students coping mechanisms and resiliency to manage the demands and stress of university is an important element of our work with students.

Common reasons you might seek mental health services

  • anxiety which is causing distress and/or impacting your day to day functioning
  • persistent fluctuations in mood
  • suicidality – ideations, gestures, behaviours
  • self-harming behaviours
  • trauma
  • grief and loss
  • eating and body image concerns
  • relationship difficulties
  • physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse
  • sexual assault
  • questions about sexual orientation or gender identity

When you should book an appointment

Professional assistance is advised when mental health difficulties are:

  • Intense
  • Persistent and/or
  • Significantly compromise your academic and day-to-day functioning

What you can expect

Prior to booking your intake appointment, you will be asked to fill out an intake form and a consent form. The intake form helps the intake team identify key problem areas for discussion. If risk is identified on the form, we may ask to meet with you right away to ensure your safety.

Your intake appointment will include a lot of conversation and follow up questions about information on your form and the reason you sought out services and/or what is causing you the most concern. You and the intake counsellor will discuss various interventions and develop a wellness plan which may include:

  • Services on and off campus. This may include apps, websites, and workshops.
  • A referral to the counselling team and/or physician at the Student Wellness Centre for follow up care.  

Booking an appointment

Eligibility - Students registered in a minimum of one U of S class can access mental health intake services.


When you come please let us know if:

  • Safety (yours or others) is at risk
  • You have experienced a recent trauma (e.g., physical or sexual assault, life-threatening accident)

To book an appointment come to the Student Affairs and Outreach office located on the 3rd floor, Place Riel.

Prior to making your appointment, you will be asked to complete two forms (a student information form and consent form). To save time, complete the forms and bring them with you when booking your appointment. 

All forms must be completed in full and submitted in person (emails cannot be accepted).

Note: If you have any questions about the intake forms please contact us. The consent form will be reviewed in your intake session.

Concerned about a student

Call us if you believe a University of Saskatchewan student is struggling or something is wrong.

Contact the Student Affairs and Outreach team at (306) 966-5757. We can provide guidance, assistance and support to faculty, staff, parents, and students who are concerned about a U of S student.

Possible signs of distress

  • If a student has had a significant change in appearance, mood, and/or social functioning
  • A student's behaviour impacts another person’s ability to function appropriately and successfully on campus
  • If a student is experiencing suicidality including threats, gestures, ideation, or attempts or you believe them to be a threat to themselves
  • The student is misusing substances and it is causing others concern
  • The student is displaying odd behaviour that is causing others concern

Privacy for parents and guardians

The University of Saskatchewan and all Student Affairs and Outreach team members are committed to the well-being of our students. In accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation, we cannot discuss details about a student or inform of their activities without the student’s direct consent.

If direct consent is provided, the student, at any time, may choose to revoke consent.

This legislation includes speaking with parents, guardians and family members. While you are able to share your concerns with us, we are unable to share information with you. In extreme circumstances, including imminent safety concerns, information may be shared on a case-by-case basis. 

These measures not only meet our legal requirements but also protect the safety of our students

Crisis response

The Student Affairs and Outreach team provide a coordinated response to crisis situations involving a student. A crisis may be caused by events such as a physical or emotional injury or illness, suicidal behaviours, and concerns about safety.

Contact during office hours: Contact (306) 966-5757 or the Manager directly at (306) 966-6079 

Urgent After-Hours Assistance

Additional Crisis Services

Students of Concern Advisory Team (SOCAT)

The Students of Concern Advisory Team is a campus-wide multidisciplinary team of student service professionals from across campus. The team is committed to the safety and well-being of students and the wider university campus community.


Tracy Spencer
Manager, Student Affairs and Outreach

Beau Gallerneault
Student Support and Outreach Coordinator (Senior)

Ryan Bilanski
Intake Counsellor / Counsellor in Residence

Lisa Greig
Student Support and Outreach Coordinator (clinical)

Shannon Prestupa
Administrative Assistant