Take a Career Assessment

Learning more about your personality, interests, and strengths will help you make better decisions about your career goals and help you evaluate opportunities in the future!

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a great way to explore academic, career, and lifestyle goals that may be a good fit for your personality. 

  • Uses 16 Personality Types to create your personalized MBTI Career Report
  • Meet with a Career Coach to receive and review your results, and plan your next steps
  • Cost recovery fee of $20 for U of S students and $30 for alumni
  • Visit the SECC to purchase your MBTI assessment via credit or debit card 

Take a sneak peek at the 16 personality profiles:

Also check out 16Personalities.com, they provide excellent summaries of all 16 types.

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) helps your understand your interests and see how they connect to academic, career, and lifestyle goals.

  • Uses 6 Holland Codes to create your personalized iStartStrong Report
  • Meet with a Career Coach to help you understand your results and plan your next steps
  • Cost recovery fee of $20 for U of S students and $30 for alumni
  • Visit the SECC to purchase your SII assessment via credit or debit card

Watch the following videos to learn more about the 6 Holland Codes:

StrengthsFinder helps you identify and better understand the things you naturally do best, and gives you clues as to the type of work environments and roles in which you are most likely to thrive.

Thousands are out there but we think these are the best - they're easy to access and free!

"I went from being totally frazzled about my
future to feeling secure and confident"

Meet with a Career Coach

Book a 30-minute Career Coaching appointment to review your career assessment, for help exploring your options and making a career decision, or simply to talk about where to begin to sort out your direction. Meeting with a Career Coach can help you:

  • Better understand your current career related issues and situation
  • Articulate your goals and how you want things to be different
  • Identify your strengths, assets and supports
  • Explore different options, possibilities and solutions
  • Make a list of your next steps
  • Access additional resources and supports

Career Coaching appointments are offered daily, and are available free of charge to all newly admitted and current students, and alumni of the U of S. Telephone-based appointments are available for those living outside the Saskatoon area.

If you are looking for information about academic program requirements or help in choosing your classes, you will want to access Academic Advising

"I really appreciate the help I received during my first appointment, it gave me some peace of mind and I will definitely be returning!"

Explore your options

Your career development is ongoing not just a one time decision. Take the time to explore your options and learn about industries and the job market before you graduate, and take advantage of the opportunities available while you're in university!

Gain insight into the options, industries and/or directions you’re considering, and potentially open up new ones

Try out options and further refine your interests through acquiring a range of experiences

Seek opportunities to connect and build relationships with a variety of people

Explore program options at the U of S and beyond

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