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Employer Sessions

Employers host information sessions prior to application deadlines to talk to targeted audiences about their organization and what employment opportunities they have to offer.


Networking is about developing meaningful relationships.  CareerMeetUps exists to connect multiple communities in a series of collaborative networking events.   The Student Employment and Career Centre (SECC), wants to build an ecosystem of key stakeholders that will lead to career development/opportunities and success for you.  This is an opportunity to connect with others in your industry to help you with your quest for a career. We would like to kindly thank the Campus Sustainability Revolving Fund, for supplying us with some funding, to have the opportunity to provide light appetizers that will be served as part of the networking session!    

We have partnered on these 9 CareerMeetUps with Alumni Relations, and we would like to kindly thank the Campus Sustainability Revolving Fund, for supplying us with some funding. In addition, we would like to acknowledge Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada for their support, on this new initiative!  Food and drink will be supplied at these events, and we thank them in advance!  

Dress is Business Casual.  

Multiple communities include the following key stakeholders: industry representatives, employers, faculty and staff, researchers, student groups, associations, students and alumni that attend CareerMeetUps.  

CareerMeetUp Goals: 
 Through these events, all participants will:

  • Have an opportunity to discuss sustainable development goals as they relate to industry and their careers
  • Have an opportunity to learn about and practice the key career readiness competencies
  • Understand the importance of defining goals/intentions before engaging in networking activities
  • Develop an authentic introduction and practice strategies to make a good first impression
  • Receive guidance on professional etiquette including handshaking
  • Identify strategies to network effectively in an informal or formal dining setting

Note: Space is limited. Register in the Events/Workshops Calendar on Careerlink. Please remember to cancel if you find that you are no longer able to attend.

Career Fairs

Careers Fairs offer an excellent opportunity to:

  • Market yourself to some of Canada’s top employers
  • Meet with a variety of career professionals
  • Develop your networking skills
  • Gain a better understanding of career opportunities
  • Discover employment opportunities available to you

Multi Discipline Career Fairs

The Student Employment and Career Centre hosts two multi-discipline career fairs during the year, the Campus Career Expo in September, and the Summer Jobs Career Fair in February.

Discipline Specific Career Fairs

Throughout the year, there are career fairs devoted to particular industries or Colleges.


Networking is all about building mutually beneficial relationships that will help you uncover information about different occupations, industries, job search/career mentorship, employment, or business opportunities.  It has proven to be one of the most single effective ways to build and maintain relationships.

Always have FAST pitch ready

You never know when an opportunity is going to present itself, so be ready and take advantage of the situation.

Prepare to introduce yourself by practicing your FAST Pitch, also known as an elevator pitch, ahead of time.

F - Full Name: Begin with your full name and a firm handshake.
A - Academics: Tell them your major and year in program (extracurriculars are optional).
S - Skills/Strengths: Talk about your skills and/or strengths that will benefit the employer, ideally by discussing relevant experience. 
T - Target: Tell them your objective and your question. (What is your interest or goal in speaking with this person? It is helpful to state what you know about their opportunities based on your research.)

  • Keep the pitch short, 30 seconds or less.
  • Remember to smile and maintain good eye contact. Demonstrating a positive attitude and being engaged are very important!
  • Do your research on the organization beforehand (when you can).
  • Stay long enough to have your questions answered and your interest recognized, but never monopolize a person's time. Ensure that you have left a positive impression.
  • Be prepared with a resume if you are attending an event.
  • Consider taking the CliftonStrengths Assessment to help you better understand and articulate your strengths and talents.

Getting Help

The Student Employment and Career Centre (SECC)  is here to assist you with all aspects of your career and job search.

The SECC offers:

  • Job postings
  • ResumeTalks - Develop and discuss your job search documents.
  • Career Coaching - Talk about your career choices and goals and identify the direction you need to take.
  • InterviewTalks and Mock Interviews -  Develop, practice and polish your interview skills.
  • Career Assessments - Understand yourself so you can establish clear career goals and make informed career decisions.
  • Career Fairs - an expo in September and college focused fairs through the year
  • CareerMeetUps - opportunities to find out more about specific industries directly from employers
  • Employer Sessions - detailed information about key employers before major application deadlines