Your grades can be viewed in PAWS. Only instructors of 100-level, six-credit unit classes are obligated to report midterm grades through PAWS; for all other instructors reporting midterm grades through PAWS is optional.


Transcripts are an official and complete listing of a student's educational record at USask up until the day the transcript is produced. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their record is complete to their satisfaction prior to ordering transcripts.

Emailed transcripts are temporarily available only to the institutions on this list. Please follow the directions for ordering an emailed transcript when you order transcripts through PAWS.

Most universities require your transcripts be forwarded directly from USask.

USask does not fax or e-mail transcripts. There are 2 ways you can choose to receive transcripts:

Have it delivered to a 3rd party or yourself.

Universities and organizations normally require that transcripts be forwarded directly to them from the University of Saskatchewan. You may wish to request your transcripts to be Signed and Sealed if you are having it delivered to yourself.


Emailed transcripts are temporarily available only to the institutions on this list. Please follow the directions for ordering an emailed transcript when you order transcripts through PAWS.

You can request your transcripts to be Signed and Sealed if they are being picked up by or delivered to you. The envelope containing the transcript is then affixed with a seal across the flap containing the Registrar’s signature as proof that the transcript has not been accessed by you.

Do not choose Signed and Sealed if your transcripts are being delivered directly to a third party as all transcripts sent to persons or organizations other than the student are deemed to be Signed and Sealed.

Transcripts are $10 per copy.

If you are having transcripts delivered via courier, specific rates will apply. Both courier charges and transcript charges are non-refundable.

Courier Rates

Courier delivery requires a street address and a contact telephone number for the recipient person or organization.  Transcripts cannot be delivered to a box number.

Destination Cost
Within Canada $20.00
Within United States $35.00
International $50.00

Before placing a transcript order:

  • Students should confirm through PAWS that all grades for their classes have been reported
  • Degrees, diplomas and certificates do not appear on transcripts until after Convocation.  If you would like your degree to appear on your transcript, please check the “Do not produce my transcript until after my degree, diploma, or certificate is awarded at Convocation” box on your transcript request form
  • Pay all outstanding accounts with the University otherwise you will not be able to place a transcript order
  • If you have forgotten your NSID or password, please contact Student Central or the Service Desk
  • If you are alumni and don’t already have one, request an NSID and password from Alumni Relations.
  • Allow three working days for transcript production

Transcripts can only be ordered the following ways (they cannot be ordered over the phone, by e-mail, or by fax).: 

Alumni who took classes prior to September 1986 may have a hold applied to their account which prevents viewing of the Unofficial Transcript or online ordering of Official Transcripts. The hold has been applied because academic records exist outside of the University's electronic records system. If you have such a hold and wish to access your transcripts online, please contact Transcripts.

(NEPS) Students - Effective March 1, 2014, the University of Saskatchewan will no longer include SIAST and FNUC transcripts for the Nursing Education program of Saskatchewan (NEPS) students. If you were part of the NEPS program and you require transcripts, you will need to order transcripts separately from both USask and SIAST or FNUC.

  1. Log into the  in PAWS
  2. Select Order status 

If your transcript order does not yet have a "Date Produced," it is still pending.

Unofficial transcript

You can view and print your unofficial trancripts.

Other ways to verify a degree, diploma, or certificate

If you graduated prior to 1967, some of these options may not be available to you. Please contact Registrarial Services at for more information.

In-person or over-the-phone confirmation

Anyone who is interested can receive a verbal-only verification that an individual was awarded a degree, diploma, or certificate (including the year it was awarded in). Please contact Student Central or Alumni Relations for a verbal-only verification.  

Confirmation of academic credentials letter (no charge)

Graduates from the University of Saskatchewan can self-generate a Confirmation of Degree which states their degree, diploma or certificate awarded, the major and the date it was awarded.  The Confirmation of Degree can be requested by the student in either a printed or an electronic format; the electronic format is an email sent directly from the university and includes an online verification code for third parties.

Alumni can request a Confirmation of Degree through PAWS. If you don’t already have one, request a NSID and password from Alumni Relations 

  • Log into PAWS (requires NSID and password)
  • In the Transcripts and Degree Confirmation channel click on “Degree confirmation Letter”
  • You may print the letter or enter an email address for the confirmation letter to be emailed to a third party.

Third party direct verification

Employers or academic institutions that require the university to verify academic credentials directly are asked to subscribe to AuraData, a Canadian company specializing in secure online education verification.  This partnership streamlines the process companies or academic institutions use to verify academic credentials.

Confidentiality is a primary concern to us and AuraData.  A signed authorization from the graduate is required by AuraData before any information is released.  The company also conforms to all federal and provincial privacy laws.

Verify through AuraData
  • Subscribe to AuraData
  • Read and then electronically sign the Subscriber Agreement
  • Follow the user-friendly instructions
  • Upload, email or fax the alum-signed authorization form
  • Pay with a valid credit card

For more information about AuraData (including price and timeframe information), visit the AuraData website.

Co-Curricular Record

What is a Co-Curricular Record?

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a personalized and official record of the university-approved and facilitated activities that you have been involved in while a student here.

This record is an excellent supplement to résumés and CVs, and allows you to:

  • receive recognition for your involvement in the university community beyond the classroom;
  • access a database of student activities to participate in;
  • have your skills, activities and experiences validated on an official U of S document;
  • link competencies gained from your experience to skills that employers and graduate schools seek;

How to access your Co-Curricular Record and search for opportunities

All students can access the Co-Curricular Record website. Once you log in, you can explore and search the Opportunity Directory for university-run activities that you can get involved in.  If you have been granted recognition for your participation in an activity already, you can download or print your .pdf transcript.

The Co-Curricular Record launched in 2017, and new opportunities are added often.

How to use your co-curricular record.
How to show off your volunteer experience with the co-curricular record.
What's on your co-curricular record?

Need help?

If you have a question and you're not sure who to contact, start with Student Central. They can help with questions about PAWS, finances, registration, academic life, exams, transcripts, convocation and more.