Fit Centre

A state of the art fitness facility in the Physical Activity Complex.

Exercise equipment, weight room, swimming pools, track, climbing wall and more.

Campus Recreation

Join an intramural team, learn how to belly dance, join the kayaking club, and more.

Competitive and recreational activities available.

Huskie Athletics

Support our student athletes as they compete against the best in Canada.

Free tickets are available to U of S students.

Get moving

We are fortunate on campus to have access to some of the best indoor and outdoor walking paths in Saskatoon. So get out there and take advantage of them.

The Little Circle of Life

Around the bowl indoors: Place Riel—through Residence—College Building—Physics—up the stairs (elevator way down the hall)—through  Geology (past Tim Hortons and the dinosaurs)—Thorvaldson Building—Arts walkway—right after ramp, go down two flights of stairs (or go to elevator in Arts Tower)—past Tim Hortons—through Arts Tunnel—up stairs to upper Place Riel. (1 km, 12 minutes)

The Agrothon

In the Agriculture Building, walk around the atrium, then take a flight of stairs (up or down) and repeat. Each lap and set of stairs is 0.4 km (1.6 km, 30 minutes)

Get PACing

In the Physical Activity Complex (PAC) go up the elevator located near the entrance of the women’s change room and do five laps on the walking trap (you’ll need your student card). (1 km, 12 minutes)

BioAgrineering and The Little Engine(ering)

Both routes start at Tim Horton’s in Geology and go through the Agriculture Building. One stops at the entrance to the Engineering Building and the other keeps going as far as you can until the building and hallway end. Come back and you double your distance (do this twice and it’s a double double!). (BioAgrineering: 0.4 km, 7 minutes, The Little Engine(ering): 0.5 km, 7 minutes)

Ramp it up

From the Arts ramp down the hall, turn at Law and go until the hallway ends. (0.125 km, 2 min)

Map your own route

There are plenty of apps available for smartphones that are simple to use and will keep track of your routes, pace, elevation and calories burned.


Just around the bowl (paved path). Takes only a few minutes but each lap gets your heart going a little bit more. (0.35 km, 4 minutes)

It shall not Def-eat You 

Half the bow, part of campus drive (from Faculty Club) to Diefenbaker Centre and back through a bowl. A bit more complicated to explain, but it gives you an easy 2 km and lots to see. (2 km, 25 minutes)

Around the Uni-verse 

Walk along Campus Drive. Who knew the uni-verse was so small! (2.5 km, 30 minutes)

A Hop Bridge and Trail Away

From Place Riel, to College Drive, to the river trail, to Diefenbaker Centre and back to Place Riel. A kind of urban—country stroll. (3 km, 35 minutes)

 The Soul Train

Place Riel to the train bridge and back to Place Riel. Not a bluesy walk at all! (3.5 km 45 minutes)

The Broad Way

Place Riel to the river. Then follow the river to Broadway. (5 km 60 minutes)

Bridging the Gap

Place Riel to the River trail to the Train Bridge. Cross it and take Meewasin trail back to the university bridge. Take the bridge up and make your way back to Place Riel. (5 km 60 minutes)

 The Big Circle of Life

Same as “bridging the gap” but go along Meewasin trail all the way to Circle Drive Bridge and cross the river. (7 km 84 minutes)

Map your own route

There are plenty of apps available for smartphones that are simple to use and will keep track of your routes, pace, elevation and calories burned.

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