Access and Equity Services

Access and Equity Services, formerly Disability Services for Students (DSS), is guided by Saskatchewan's Human Rights legislation and the duty to accommodate individuals requiring accommodations based on disability, religion, family status, and gender identity.

Bookstore – Shop usask

Shop usask consists of the Bookstore, Arts, Health Sciences, AgBio, and Tech. Students can buy textbooks and other course materials, as well as stationery, art supplies, general merchandise and degree frames at our locations.

Campus ID Card Office

The Campus ID Card Office provides all full and part-time students their required active student card.

International Student and Study Abroad Centre

The International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC) is a central support unit and a campus partner for all students, staff, and faculty. ISSAC is dedicated to fostering a welcoming, globally aware and inclusive campus community.

IT Support - Service Desk

The Service Desk is here to assist and support you with your IT services.

Peer Health

Students that are passionate about student health, want to make a difference on campus, and address health issues that impact student well-being.

Recruitment, Admissions and Transfer Credit

Recruitment and admissions can help with applications to the university, transferring colleges, transfer credit from other institutions, and campus tours.

Student Affairs and Outreach

A team of Social Workers responsible for drop-in counselling, mental health intake, early alerts, student outreach, crisis response, psycho-educational groups, and consultation to faculty, staff, and students who are concerned about a student.

Student Central

Don't know who to call? Start at Student Central, we can help with questions about finances, registration, academic life, and more.

Student Employment and Career Centre

The SECC is here to assist you with all aspects of your career and job search.

Student Learning Services

The SLS offers academic support to students such as writing, math, and study skills help.

Student Wellness Centre

The Student Wellness Centre offers urgent and non-urgent physical and mental health care to University of Saskatchewan students and their spouses and children.

USask Community Centre

A place for students to make connections and build community—wellness activities, peer-to-peer health education, and spiritual guidance and support.