Experiential Learning

We offer hundreds of courses that teach using a hands-on approach to learning, which may involve undergraduate research, studying abroad, field-based instruction, clinical placements, or community engaged learning.

How to search for these classes

  1. Go to the Registration page in PAWS and select "Register for Classes"
  2. Select "Browse classes"
  3. Select the term
  4. Select the subject(s) in which you are interested
  5. Select "Advanced Search"
  6. Under Attribute, select "experiential learning" or a specific type of experiential learning: community engaged learning, clinical placement/practicum, field-based instruction, study abroad or undergraduate research.
  7. Select "Search"
  8. The results are those classes with an experiential learning component. Read the course description for more information.

Learning by doing

The U of S currently places priority on these five types of experiential learning:

  • undergraduate research where students have the opportunity to conduct original research within a credit course,
  • field-based instruction where the learning takes place outside of the classroom or laboratory and is an opportunity to apply and develop practical skill or conduct discipline-related research,
  • community engaged learning as a method to engage students with community partners in a mutual beneficial and negotiated curricular experience,
  • clinical placement or practicum as a structured educational strategy that provides for the integration of theory and practice, and
  • study abroad as an inclusive category for student exchange programming or taught away activity that is offered for credit.

For more information

If you'd like to learn more about experiential learning and the experiential learning classes that are available to you, please contact your academic advisor or search for classes with the attribute type Experiential Learning or community engaged learning, clinical placement/practicum, field–based instruction, study abroad or undergraduate research.
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