Where to look

Where to look and deciding on an area that best suits your lifestyle, mode of transportation, and other needs.

Where to look

USSU Housing Registry

The University of Saskatchewan Students' Union maintains a list of off-campus accommodations.

Bus routes to campus

When looking for a place to live, consider neighbourhoods with the most accessible bus routes to the USask campus.

Saskatoon Transit university routes

Neighborhoods with Student Residents

Saskatoon neighborhoods map

Varsity View and Grosvenor Park
These two neighborhoods are located right beside the U of S campus, and offer some of the most affordable rental rates considering their proximity. There is a large student population in the area, and basement and bachelor suites are available at decent rates. Many grocery stores are located nearby on 8thstreet by walking 15-20 minutes, or by taking one of many buses from campus.

Broadway and Nutana
Broadway is home to Saskatoon’s arts and alternative culture. There are plenty of bars and live- music venues within walking distance. Not too expensive to live, and there is an Extra Foods grocery store located on Broadway Avenue. It is roughly a 20-25 minute walk to campus from this location.

Sutherland and Forest Grove
Sutherland and Forest Grove are two quiet residential areas located on Saskatoon’s east side. Students who live in Sutherland could get to the university on foot, but Forest Grove residents are better off accessing the many bus routes available. Central Avenue has many unique restaurants, but the grocery options are limited. 

Downtown and City Park
Living near downtown can offer students one of the most vibrant lifestyles in Saskatoon. Restaurants along 2nd Ave are the trendiest in town, and Midtown Plaza is the city’s biggest shopping mall. City Park, the residential area adjacent to Downtown, is comfortable and is located right near the riverfront. Many apartment rentals are available, along with home shares and basement suites. However, there is no grocery store within walking distance, and the rental rates are inconsistent in price.

A redeveloping area just west of Downtown, Riversdale is home to a growing arts and café scene. There are plenty of new restaurants, an active nightlife, access to the River Landing, and fresh food at Saskatoon’s renowned Farmer’s Market – even if it’s only open on certain days. Rent tends to be high in this area. Transit routes generally take 20-25 minutes to get to campus, and passengers often have to transfer buses at the downtown terminal.

Stonebridge is a brand new neighborhood in Saskatoon’s south end. All amenities are available: restaurants, grocery stores, and outlet shopping stores. Stonebridge residents are predominantly young families and the rent is well-priced. There are many townhouses available to rent with other students. It is quite far from campus, but is well-serviced by direct routes to the university via City Transit. The No. 17 bus takes 20-25 minutes to get to campus.

Hampton Village
A new development on Saskatoon’s west side, Hampton Village offers affordable housing and plenty of amenities. However, the bus rides can take between 45-60 minutes with several transfers required to get to the U of S.

Caswell/Saskatoon Polytechnic Area
Caswell is a character neighborhood just north of the city’s downtown core. A large student demographic is present due to the nearby Saskatoon Polytechnic campus, making the rent cheap for those willing to live in a houseshare. This area is serviced by 33rd Street, which boasts a Safeway grocery store. Student-oriented nightclubs are located on nearby Idylwyld Dr. Buses to the U of S take 25-30 minutes, and typically require a transfer at Saskatoon’s downtown terminal.

University Heights Suburban Area
University Heights consists of a series of relatively new residential neighborhoods in the city’s northeast: Willow Grove, Evergreen, Silverspring, and Erindale/Arbor Creek. All amenities are available. There are a variety of different rental types within a student’s price range: houseshare, basement suites, and apartments. Even with the newly created transit routes, living in these areas means a long commute. For example, some rides from Evergreen can take 40 minutes to campus.

North Residential
Saskatoon’s north end offers comfortable suburban living. There are plenty of chain restaurants along 51stStreet, and clothing shopping at Lawson Heights Mall, where you’ll find the main bus terminal for the area and several grocery stores. Most buses take 20-30 minutes and go through Saskatoon’s downtown terminal to arrive at campus. During peak hours the No. 13 provides shorter, more direct rides.

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