We provide integrated financial services to students in accessible, accountable, and transparent ways:

  • Student accounts
    • Tuition and fee payment and troubleshooting
    • Working with sponsoring agencies
  • Student aid
    • Canada government student loans
    • Short-term crisis aid for eligible students
  • Student awards
    • Undergraduate awards coordination and payment
    • New student award development

We act with integrity to enhance the student experience and support student success, in alignment with the university's strategic directions. We value diversity, teamwork, respect, service, and creativity.


Alycia Cooper
Student Finance Coordinator

Taylor Desorcy
Student Finance and Awards Officer

Craig Downey
Student Accounts Specialist

Cheryl Ector
Government Loans Administrator

Frank Kusch
Awards Development Liaison, Crisis Aid Coordinator

Salomé Ries
Associate Registrar (Bursar) and Director (Student Central | Student Finance and Awards)

Wendy Squires
Student Accounts Specialist

Janice Weber
Internal Compliance Officer