What is ISERP?

Are you thinking about your future career? Do you feel ready for what comes next? Career Services is offering the Indigenous Student Employment Readiness Program (ISERP) which is an Indigenous-grounded program that uses Indigenous ways of knowing and learning to help you to be better prepared to enter the world of work. 

What is the Indigenous Student Employment Readiness Program (ISERP)?  

The ISERP program, generously supported by Scotiabank's ScotiaRise program, provides a culturally grounded, strengths-based approach to supporting students as they identify, develop and articulate employment-related skills. Each student attends a 33-hour program spanning the winter term and will receive a $500 honorarium for their participation.  

When is it being offered?  
ISERP is being offered in Winter 2023. Each offering is 13 sessions.   
Session dates will differ between Cohorts.  
Cohort A - Every Tuesday at 1:00-3:00pm excluding February 21st.  
Cohort B - Every Wednesday at 1:00-3:00pm excluding February 22nd.

What will I learn?  
In ISERP, we will focus on:   

  • Self-reflection exercises that identify your strengths  
  • Building community  
  • A deeper understanding of our own and each other's strengths  
  • Building your career readiness   
  • Ability to communicate your personal and cultural strengths as skills employers are looking for  
  • How to be effective in your job search process  
  • Creating persuasive resumes and cover letters   
  • Practicing your interview skills  
  • Land-based and cultural learning opportunities 

What are the perks? 

ISERP will include many benefits & advantages to students who participate in the programs (such as, but not limited to):   

  • A $500 honorarium upon completion of the program  
  • Free lunch every session   
  • Confidence in your own career development journey  
  • Opportunities for networking with variety of Indigenous organizations and USask alumni within Saskatchewan and beyond   
  • Transportation to and from land-based activities   
  • Opportunity to develop relationships  
  • Understanding and navigating campus services

How do I register?  

You can register by completing this form. 

When is the deadline to apply? 

December 9th @ 11:59PM  

ISERP will run over the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 terms. The program is open to all undergraduate Indigenous* students.

*Indigenous people are those who identify themselves as First Nations, Métis or Inuit.

Benefits of Participation

Participant Testimonials

Quotes from ISERP participants from the 2020 cohort: 

“Through my experience with ISERP, I now have a more solid idea of how to search for and apply for more professional jobs. For example, through one of our sessions, we looked at how to research a company and use that information within your resume, cover letter and during the interview process. Another extremely helpful activity that we had the opportunity to do was mock interviews.” 

“It forced me to start thinking about a career more seriously and a lot more proactively, otherwise I probably would have put it off until graduation.” 

“I definitely would recommend ISERP to other students because it was not only a great learning experience, but it also prepares you in different aspects of career searching and preparing, and also understanding work life while in a chosen career.” 

“I enjoyed this program and was happy to be a part of it. I have new connections and opportunities that I never have thought of before. 

“It was really great – the size was perfect to get to know each other and all have the opportunity to speak up and feel comfortable doing so.” 

Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

ISERP is CCR approved.


For questions, please contact Katelyn Morin at and Roberta Braid at