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U of S Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Association (ASPA) Tuition Reimbursement Fund

ValueVaries (details outlined below)
Number offeredVaries (details outlined below)
EligibilityOpen to students who are immediate family members of ASPA members. In order to be eligible, candidates must have successfully completed (received a mark of 50% or greater for undergraduate students and a mark of 60% or greater for graduate students) one or more University of Saskatchewan courses that qualify for credit towards a degree or diploma program.

Immediate family is defined as:
  • Spouse - legal or common-law spouse provided the common-law spouse is publicly represented as the spouse of the member and that the member and spouse have cohabited for one year or more.
  • Children - includes natural or adopted children, stepchildren and legal wards.
The number and value of reimbursements will depend on the financial resources available, the number of credit units or assigned credit units successfully completed by applicants, and the number of applications. In order to determine the number and value of reimbursements, several steps will be taken:
  • The total number of credit units successfully completed by eligible undergraduate applicants is calculated. Eligible graduate students will be assessed either a total annual (May 1 - April 30) credit unit value of 30 credit units or 15 credit units of enrolment to coincide with their full-time or part-time student status, respectively. The credit unit values are added to produce an overall credit unit total.
  • The financial resources available will then be divided by the overall credit unit total to determine the reimbursement value per credit unit.
  • Applicants will receive a total reimbursement value based on the number of credit units successfully completed (or the assigned credit unit enrolment for graduate students) multiplied by the reimbursement value per credit unit to a maximum annual reimbursement equal to 100% of the tuition cost for 30 credit units (Category One) of undergraduate courses.
  • This maximum is applicable to both undergraduate and graduate students; however, graduate students may not receive a reimbursement value larger than their assessed tuition for the terms of the reimbursement year in which they were students.
DonorUniversity of Saskatchewan Administrative & Supervisory Personnel Association (ASPA)
ApplyThe ASPA Tuition Reimbursement Fund is open from March 1 to April 30. ASPA Tuition Reimbursement Fund Application.

Recipients will be notified in late July or August.
DeadlineApril 30

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There are awards available specifically for new or graduate students: 

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