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June 1st is the deadline for a large number of scholarships on campus. Scholarships are normally granted for academic achievement or leadership experiences. Recipients will be notified by the first day of classes.

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Indigenous Students with Dependent Children Bursary

Number offeredVaries
  1. Open to Canadian Indigenous students enrolled in any program of study at the University of Saskatchewan (including degree, diploma and certificate programs) with dependent children.
  2. Candidates must submit proof of Indigenous identity. Students must submit a Status Card, or a citizenship, membership, registration or enrolment card to Indspire as part of their application. Students in the process of obtaining proof can submit a letter from their Band or Metis Nation in lieu of their missing card. Non-Status individuals can provide a copy of a parent’s status card and their long-form birth certificate. Indigenous students with dependents who lack the required documentation can contact to be considered for alternative support (should it be available).
  3. For each dependent, students must submit the child's name, health card number, and expiry date to demonstrate the number of dependents living in their care. This information should be sent to No other financial information will be required.
  4. Students must be enrolled in at least 3 credit units in each Regular Session term (fall and winter terms) in which the award is paid out and must meet their college's minimum academic standard necessary for promotion. Students will be required to provide proof of enrolment (such as a screenshot proving enrolment from PAWS), as well an unofficial copy of their grades (this can be a screenshot of their grades), as part of their application.
Selection CriteriaAll eligible applicants will receive the award.
ApplySubmit the Indspire's Building Brighter Futures application.

Students who submit the application form in Term 1 (fall term), or who completed the Indspire Building Brighter Futures application for the August 1 deadline, will be automatically considered for Term 2 (winter term) and do not need to re-apply.

Note that Indspire’s application indicates applicants must be full-time students. That requirement does not apply to the Indigenous Students with Dependent Children Bursary.
DeadlineFebruary 1

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