Five reasons to spend your summer with US!

  • Get ahead in your degree program
  • Focus on that tough class you want to get out of the way
  • Pick up classes you may have missed during the fall or winter session
  • Lighten your load during fall and winter session
  • Complete a prerequisite
“I love the opportunity to focus on one class at a time and to build stronger
relationships with instructors. It’s a great learning experience due to smaller
class sizes that allow for more interaction among students and with instructors.”


Spring Term 2016

Term/QuarterInstruction DatesExam Dates
Term 1 May 4 - June 17 June 20, 21, 21
Quarter 1 May 4 - May 25 May 26, 27
Quarter 2 May 30 - June 17 June 20, 21, 22

Summer Term 2016

Term/QuarterInstruction DatesExam Dates
Term 2 June 23 - August 9 August 10, 11, 12
Quarter 3 June 23 - July 14 July 15, 18
Quarter 4 July 19 - August 9 August 10, 11, 12

Multiterm 2016

Term/QuarterInstruction DatesExam Dates
Term 1 and Term 2 May 4 - August 9 August 10, 11, 12
“Taking summer classes is great! It feels more relaxed.
You can focus on one or two classes at a time and you
finish them in just a few weeks."

Classes offered

“I took spring and summer classes before my first fall term
to get a feeling for how university classes worked and so I
could take a lighter course load in the fall and winter terms
without getting behind on credits.”

High school students

Take a class this summer and get a head start on your degree. Classes run from July 21, 2015-August 11, 2015.

Interested in learning strategies for academic success? Get a jump on your science requirement and reach for the stars (Bachelor of Arts students). Need BIOL?  Beat the rush and take it this summer

INTS 100     

Monday-Thursday 1:00-3:50

ASTR 102

Monday-Friday 9:00-11:20

BIOL 121

 Monday-Friday Lecture 8:30-10:50

Lab 1:30-4:20

How to apply

Students who have not yet applied to attend the U of S should apply at and select the Spring and Summer Term 2 (beginning July 2015) as a start date. This application will also be valid for the Fall/Winter terms.

If students have already applied for the Fall 2015 term, they will have to switch their registration start date by contacting Recruitment and Admissions at or (306) 966-5788. Students should not submit another application.


Students interested in starting school in the summer should apply or let us know by May 1, 2015 at Students should make sure to provide the university appropriate documentation (transcripts, etc.).

“I needed a math class as a prerequisite for my third year classes.
It was good, a lot more relaxed, you have more time to focus on the class
and it’s a more easy going atmosphere.”