The Global Connections Student Lounge and Training Room is a place where you can relax with friends, enjoy your lunch, study or get involved. As part of the mandate for the International Student and Study Abroad Centre, the GC Lounge and Training Room seeks to be the center for internationalization on campus for students (international and domestic), faculty and staff. The lounge has student association offices, a training room and a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Both the Lounge and the Training Room can booked through the ISSAC office.

  • Open 7 days/week
  • Equipped with a TV, DVD and video facilities
  • Capacity: 60 people
  • Past events: a salsa lesson, foreign film festival, academic talks and various international celebrations

Training Room

  • Opens 7 days/week and available for booking 6:30 am to 11:00 pm
  • Equipped with video projection facilities, teleconferencing
  • Capacity: 30 people
  • Past events: Origami workshop, academic programs, training workshops and lecture series

Guidelines for Usage and Bookings

For booking inquiries contact issac@usask.ca.