Registration changes and deadlines

If you decide not to attend the University after registering for classes or stop attending classes  you are responsible for withdrawing yourself from classes through PAWS. Failure to properly drop classes will result in your responsibility for payment of all assessed tuition and fees and your record will show a failing percentage grade, along with a grade comment of INF (Incomplete Failure).


  • Know the deadlines for making registration changes.
  • Plan your classes and make sure they are appropriate for your program requirements.
  • You will not receive a printed copy of your registration. You should confirm your registration through PAWS. Click on "Registration" then "Add/Drop Classes" and select the term you wish to confirm.
  • You may not attend classes for which you are not registered, with or without the permission of the instructor.

Financial obligations

  • Tuition and student fees are charged to students at the time of registration. 
  • Check your account in PAWS to verify tuition and fees are assessed accordingly. If an error has been made your account will be retroactively reassessed and you will be notified of any significant amount credited or owing.
  • Failure to make payment by the Tuition and Fees payment deadlines (which are different than the Registration deadlines) will result in the withholding of future services by the University and in some cases may result in the termination of registration. The student will not receive grades or transcripts, will not receive a parchment upon graduation, and will not be eligible to add classes or to re-register until all outstanding accounts have been cleared with Student Accounts and Treasury.

Personal information

  • You need to make sure you personal information is accurate.
  • The university communicates with students through PAWS and students' USask e-mail accounts; it is students' responsibility to check for such communications.