Taking a class during the spring and summer is your chance to get ahead in your degree program, lighten your course load for the upcoming fall and winter terms or complete a prerequisite you need for a future class.

No matter if you take classes in-person or remotely, you will receive a rich and rigorous education—with access to study help, health and wellness resources, events and workshops and much more. Learn more about the resources and supports available on our page for new students.

Class delivery update for 2021

In line with federal and provincial requirements regarding COVID-19 prevention, spring and summer classes will be offered primarily remotely (e.g. online) with limited clinical, laboratory, field-based, and other in-person instruction only where required to meet specific teaching goals, and where circumstances permit.

2021 schedule

Term/quarter Instruction dates Exam dates
Multi-term (spring/summer) May 10 - Aug. 17 Aug. 18 - 20
Spring term May 10 - June 23 June 24 - 26
Quarter 1 May 10 - 31 June 1 - 2
Quarter 2 June 3 - 23 June 24 - 26
Summer term July 5 - Aug. 17 Aug. 18 - 20
Quarter 3 July 5 - 23 July 24 - 26
Quarter 4 July 27 - Aug. 17 Aug. 18 - 20

"Taking summer classes is great! It feels more relaxed. You can focus on one or two classes at a time and you finish them in just a few weeks."

High school students

How to search for classes and plan your schedule

These class options are particularly popular with first-year students:

  • LING 110, Introduction to Grammar
    July 5-23 (quarter 3)
  • Math 102, Precalculus Mathematics
    July 5-August 17 (summer term)
  • Math 110, Calculus I
    July 5-August 17 (summer term)
  • Math 164, Introduction to Linear Algebra
    July 5-August 17 (summer term)

How to apply

If you have not yet applied to attend USask, you should apply for admission now. Find requirements and deadlines.

Apply for admission to the summer term by May 1, 2021.

Change your admission term

If you have already applied for admission for the 2021 Fall Term but are interested in getting a head start this summer, contact the Admissions Office at admissions@usask.ca or (+1) 306-966-5788 to request a change to your admission term.

Deadlines to switch your admission term:

  • May 5, 2021, for Spring Term, Quarter 1 and multi-term classes
  • May 28, 2021, for Quarter 2 classes
  • June 25, 2021, for Summer Term and Quarter 3 classes 
  • July 21, 2021, for Quarter 4 classes
Engineering students: Talk to an academic advisor in your college first if you are considering enrolling in spring or summer classes.

Register for classes

Register for spring and summer classes beginning February 10, 2021.