Top reasons to take a summer class

1. Get ahead. Take a summer class to get ahead in your degree program (and finish faster!)

2. Get focused. Focus on that tough class and get it out of the way.

3. Lighten your load during fall and winter session.

4. Complete a prerequisite.

5. Consider the flexibility of an online course and earn credit while at home.

“I love the opportunity to focus on one class at a time and to build stronger relationships with instructors. It’s a great learning experience due to smaller class sizes that allow for more interaction among students and with instructors.”


Spring Term 2020

Term/Quarter Instruction Dates Exam Dates
Term 1 May 6 - June 23 June 24 - 26
Quarter 1 May 6 - May 27 May 28 - 30
Quarter 2 June 2 - June 23 June 24 - 26

Summer Term 2020

Term/Quarter Instruction Dates Exam Dates
Term 2 July 2 - August 14 August 15, 17, 18
Quarter 3 July 2 - July 22 July 23 - 25
Quarter 4 July 27 - August 14 August 15, 17, 18

Multiterm 2020

Term/Quarter Instruction Dates Exam Dates
Term 1 and Term 2 May 6 - August 14 August 15, 17, 18

“I took spring and summer classes before my first fall term to get a feeling for how university classes worked and so I could take a lighter course load in the fall and winter terms without getting behind on credits."

High school students

Take a class this summer and get a head start on your degree. Classes run from June-August on campus and online. 

Interested in learning strategies for academic success?

INTS 100 Strategies for Academic Success
July 2 - August 14, 2020 

Get ahead in math with precalculus.

MATH 102 Precalculus Mathematics
July 17 - August 28, 2020

How to apply

Students who have not yet applied to attend USask should apply now.

Students who have applied for admission for Fall 2020 but are interested in getting a head start this summer should contact the Admissions Office before July 2, 2020 at or (+1) 306-966-5788 to request a change to their admission term.

Speak to an academic advisor to discuss your academic program plan.

“Taking summer classes is great! It feels more relaxed. You can focus on one or two classes at a time and you finish them in just a few weeks."

Summer class student loans

If you are wondering about student loans for summer classes, information about determining your eligibility can be found on the student loans page.